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Postby Jezebelle » Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:33 am

Okay, I just tacked those on at the end, and that's it for this year. I'll have the final email posted some time tomorrow when I send it off to FC. Anything further you want to add after that will have to be saved for next year's list.
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Suggestion email sent.

Postby Jezebelle » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:34 am

Dear Michizure (and whoever else is designing holiday goodies for AO and TSW),

We were all glad to see you in game last week, and glad to read about upcoming QoL buffs inspired by player feedback. You're doing great as far as we can tell. Keep it up!

I have another batch of ideas for you, for this Christmas in AO and TSW, collected from GridStream's parties and forums and ordered by votes from GSP staff, DJs, and dancers, so I could elaborate on our favorites. In addition to the usual new ideas for Christmas presents, we have some suggestions for fixing/improving the old Santa Leet's Workshop. I separated those out first.

--- Fixes for Santa Leet's Workshop (and other AO Christmas events) ---

* Meetmedere is not lowbie friendly.

It was too much running the first year, when we could use a city whompah to get back. Without even that last year, it took as long to run there and back as to do the mission and wait for the cooldown, assuming we didn't get eaten by wild monsters or stumble across a dynaboss that gave up on chasing someone else and just squished us out of frustration. Some possible solutions:

- move the Santa Leet's workshop location and quest NPC closer together
- provide a transport between Newland and Meetmedere for lowbies who can't grid there yet
- add another Christmas Tree and Santa Leet in Meetmedere so the lowbies can just save there and stay there until their timer expires
- make Santa Leet's broken exit teleporter warp users to their save point (without actually killing them) and keep the teleport he casts (to a kilometer above Meetmedere) the way it is, for people who are saved way out in the Shadowlands or something
- put a teleport in the fireplace of the first floor that warps back to the Newland Christmas Tree (but you have to be able to get in, at least to that room, with the cooldown timer running)
- Have the quest giver Santa Leet offer you a warp to the vicinity of the workshop if you're under, say, level 25 or 30.

* Snowman parts shouldn't be NoDrop.

Make snowman parts tradable so we can cooperate and make snowmen together easier. Last year, it was so hard to even find any leets to get the snowman parts from, it didn't much matter, but even the previous year, when there were enough of them to hunt, I didn't encounter anyone specifically teaming up to fight Iceleets. And that's what it would take to help each other complete snowmen without being able to trade the parts. Snowmen are cool, but compared to the rest of what was going on, they just weren't worth that effort. Also, what's up with the NoTrade flag? Who makes snowmen by themselves for themselves?

* Tone down Grin'Cha and/or his summons a bit.

I know there are tricks and tactics to fighting Grinchy, and I love that it's got a bit of puzzle to it, but lots of folks, even when they know the tricks, still have trouble with that fight. Especially when the RNG just has it out for them and they get swarmed by bugs, then stunned right next to a bomb while trying to take cover and heal up. Can you just tone it down a little so it's still challenging without the tricks, but fairly easy for a reasonably equipped character who knows them all?

* Nerf the Sorting Room.

If it's still too much work to make the Sorting Room spiders allergic to snowballs, please find some other way to make them easier. Melee characters and mid-level characters and healers have a very hard time dealing the required amount of damage fast enough. When your damage comes in large packets from a big, slow weapon, or worse yet, a pet, DPS isn't an adequate measure of your capability to chase down and kill three targets in rapid succession.

- make the spiders take longer to reach their goal, especially the third wave
- provide some way to use the gifts in the room as spider traps
- just don't spawn three at once
- summon a Termileetzor with live rounds when you fail, and have it join you in attacking the spiders

* Fix the outdoor holiday mob spawn rate

The holiday events since the merge just have not had enough outdoor holiday mobs. I did find them in their usual places on occasion, but then one or two characters could sweep through a zone and wipe them all out and no more would spawn for hours. I read something about this being addressed on Test, but I haven't got around to checking it out myself. If that's in 18.7, please make sure it gets out to live soon, preferably by Halloween, even if 18.7 isn't out yet. And increasing their loot is no substitute; that would just make them even /more/ tempting to farm to extinction.

--- ideas for new Christmas presents ---

1) skimpy, shiny red satin ribbons and bows outfit (AO & TSW)

No surprise here. Our favorite is pretty much always something skimpy and sexy. And I think this particular one's been on all of our Christmas wishlists so far. It seems pretty much every lingerie brand has at least one variation of this, so I'll just link a few that capture the idea and look like they'd work, even in AO.

- ... -teddy-set

2) mistletoe, usable on another PC to give them a smooch (AO & TSW)

I'm sure actual tandem animations would be too much work for a Christmas social item, especially in AO where the scale of the characters involved can vary so wildly, but it was suggested and voted for anyway. I guess we're just letting you know we're still very much interested in such things, in case a day ever comes when they might be doable.

3) red satin camisole and matching frilly little skirt with fur trim (AO & TSW)

We asked for this for years and finally got "Play Costume - Holiday Series #2" in AO. Now we just need that, or something like it, in TSW. And we wouldn't mind more along those lines for AO. Holiday #2 is a corset and tutu and shorts. Something similar, but camisole, skirt, and panties, would reduce the repetition of outfits at holiday parties.

Here's an example I designed for the old engine a couple years ago. A skirt short enough to see the panties under it and a contrasting hem makes it actually look like a skirt instead of shorts. I just don't know how it would look animated. (The old forum images appear to have been translated into file "attachments". Just click the links for the two attached images.)
- viewtopic.php?f=23&t=21449#p177366

And this one I found online gives me another idea that would work in the old engine, a "translucent" red mesh (like Carlita's fishnet) chemise over the Naughty List bikini.
- ... String.php

4) Christmas teddy lingerie (AO & TSW)

Pretty much every lingerie brand has several of these, and most of them are different enough from Holiday #2 that it would be a good addition to both games. The basic idea is a red satin teddy with white or black details and silver accents. Thigh high white stockings would be a natural addition, but it would be nice if the stockings and garters were optional. It would be a relatively easy way to add a touch more variety. Oh, and red high heels as a separate item would be great, as long as the stocking part of them can be switched on and off. Matching long gloves would be a nice touch, too. Preferably also as a separate optional item. Maybe you could wrap it all up in a clearly labelled tradable gift box so that if non-female characters happen to pick one up, they can give it to someone, trade it to an alt, or sell it instead of having to delete it. Or make something sharp and coordinated for the menfolk to wear. Or you could even let them wear the ladies' version, I suppose. It's always fun to complain about the troxies being insufficently embarased of wearing ladies' underwear.

The red version of this is a good example, front and back. The bow on the back makes it Christmassy enough, but not so Christmassy you only wear it once a year.

This one might have to be more opaque here and there, but the separate pieces start and end like they would in AO. It's hard to find good examples like that.

A translucent red mesh/fishnet teddy with opaque white fur trim that covers the "smiley faces".
- ... cts_id=656

5) Christmas pet succubus (AO & TSW)

Why should succubi be just for Halloween? Christmas is a great time for parties, and succubi are party demons! You could take one of those Savage Medusas or Annexing Angels or Consecratrices and "dress" her in a little bit of holly and mistletoe. Hel is particularly popular around Christmas time. A mini-Hel pet in (just) a little red and white Santa hat would be fun. Or wrap some Christmas lights around her horns.

6) snowflake bikini (AO & TSW)

This one has been on our Christmas wishlist before. I've even drawn up examples myself when I couldn't find one online that quite matched what I had in mind. It's basically two of those snowflake nanosprays AO has had for the past few years, scaled down and applied as pasties, or tied on as a bikini top, and a third cut into bikini bottoms and tied on with tinsel. Of course, the bikini version with tinsel ties would make more sense in TSW than the AO nanospray version, but anything nanobots can explain, bees can explain. Maybe the snowflakes are made of crystalized honey so they stay on until you wash them off.

- viewtopic.php?f=23&t=21449#p177365

7) shiny gold tinsel "dress" (AO & TSW)

Speaking of tinsel, how about taking some leftover scraps of last year's TSW golden tux (the leftover scraps from cutting them into Extra Heavy Metal), and stringing it out as tinsel, and hanging it in ways that clearly wouldn't conceal anything if the game simulated flowing cloth. Not so much a "dress" or a "bikini", more like the lei for AO's hula outfit. Just wrap the tinsel around the neck and torso like a scarf, the way tinsel goes around a tree. And a matching gold thong because that wouldn't be a comfortable place for tinsel.

Maybe the thong has a tinsel fringe around the waistband, like this one, but in silver.
- ... e-g-string

8) Christmas thigh-highs (stockings, not socks like last year) (AO & TSW)

There's a lot of very detailed ideas I could come up with for this suggestion, and I'm still convinced the only reason you haven't given us more thigh-high stockings in TSW is that you're saving them for the lingerie layer you still haven't admitted you're planning. Instead of ranting or pasting whole catalogs, I'll just throw out the first description that comes to mind and a couple links.

Sheer white stockings, like the ones for "Play Costume - Sixth Edition", but a finer mesh like Carlita's, with red seams up the back and across the top, little embroidered red bows on the sides at the top band, and red ribbon garters with tiny silver bells on the clasps. And around the hips, because AO just works that way, one of those first few items on the list, like the frilly little fur-trimmed microskirt, or the "panties" section of the teddy. Clicking them to select white, red, or green would also be nice, of course.

Like these:
- ... -backseam/
With the cute little maribou wreath and silver bell from these:
- ... -stockings

And of course, there's the classic red and white stripes. Either circular or candy cane spirals.

9) /texting emote (TSW)

Maybe now that you can selectively enable specific emotes, you can give us new phones that enable a looping /texting emote so when we're idle, looking up something on the web, we can pull out our phone (a visible one, not the ghost phone we have now when we do /phone) and tweet/text/play angrybirds on the brand new model of the phone we got for Christmas. Modern Secret World RPers would love it.

Maybe there could even be an option to automatically use /texting for your idle when you're in full-screen map, skill, or ability mode, or have your browser window open. If it's used as an idle instead of an active emote, it wouldn't activate if you shop for new clothes while dancing, but it would if you find some safe corner in the middle of a mission to look up some clues and/or adjust your ability loadout.

Personally, I think the phone, and the ability to visibly use it, should be issued to all of us by our handlers, but it was suggested for Christmas, so there it is.

10) Christmas Gift backpacks (especailly AO, maybe TSW)

Wearable, usable backpacks that look like the Christmas Gifts under the trees, perhaps with matching ribbon shoulder strap. They should be tradable, so we can put gifts in them to give each other. Well, in AO at least. It would be nice if TSW had tradable containers and tradable clothing items, but I expect that's a bit beyond the scope of holiday goodies.

11) striped stocking hats with matching leggings (AO & TSW)

Christmas stockings, like you'd hang on the mantle and find a leet sleeping in after having eaten all the chocolate Santa brought you, but worn as a hat instead. Red and green, red and white, green and white, or all three, with matching striped leggings, like the Halloween stockings. They should go well with some of the other outfits suggested here, especially the elf outfit.

12) "Elves are slave labor" AO placard and TSW t-shirt

I don't know what else there is to say about that. Except maybe putting a picture of an Elfleet on the other side. You know, so the Drow players don't get offended. I don't know if there are any, but with Drow, it's better safe than sorry.

13) Christmas flask (especially TSW, maybe AO)

This should definitely be reusable, not just appearing once and getting used up. You will most likely need more than one sip to keep the crazy relatives from making you crazy. People RP that they have this anyway, and it actually makes sense for it to appear for one sip and then disappear from your hand. Just not from your inventory.

14) "Santa Leet gave me this" t-shirt (AO)

I saved Christmas, yet again, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. And yes, you have my permission to say exactly that in the item description. Maybe it has a picture of a happy Santa Leet with a sack of gifts on it, standing triumphant on top of a defeated Grin'Cha in front of piles of his minions. Maybe that's too much detail for an AO t-shirt, but it could go on a poster or something. Maybe just something simple and leety on the t-shirt. Something Santa Leet says when you finish the mission. Does he say "kthxbai" at any point?

15) candy cane dress (AO & TSW)

This one's real simple. A short little dress with diagonal red and white stripes. Like the little black dresses we have now, but preferably a slightly different style instead of just a paint job. I don't think image links would really provide any useful additional information.

16) permanent Santa Hat (AO & TSW)

The Santa Hat is really cute and easy to get every year, but it's temporary. Maybe we could have a harder to get one that doesn't expire and can be changed to different colors: green, white, blue, purple, black, etc. like the Thong of Many Colors. Maybe make it a reward for one of the 12 days of Christmas tours. It's about time to do that again, right?

17) glitter (especially AO, maybe TSW)

Nanos or Holiday Holograms that cast a festive red, white, and green shimmering sparkly glow, like an Adventurer damage shield. Some body glitter in TSW would be nice too, but maybe that should wait for the tattoo and lingerie layers. A glowing aura like in AO could be fun, though.

18) plaid pajamas (AO & TSW)

Red, green, and white plaid flannel. Footies optional. We've requested this before, but there's really not much more to say about it. Of course, GSP never complains about sexy sleepwear, but this one's more about comfy, cozy, warm, and role-playing. It we can optionally wear just the shirt of it, though, that works.

19) red bustier with white trim, or red/white corset (AO & TSW)

AO already has the corset, as part of "Play Costume - Holiday Series #2" but TSW still lacks something like that. A separate bustier would work for both. Something like the "Bunny Body of GridStream Productions" in red and white.

Or, since Holiday #2 is red and white, how about something red and black and lacy?

Or even red, black, and white
- ... a-babydoll

20) mistletoe bikini (AO & TSW)

A variant of the Naughty List bikini, with mistletoe designs on the panels. All three front panels. All the examples I can find of this are even more NSFW than the rest of the lingerie I linked here; they're missing one of the panels. You don't need to go that far to get the point across.

--- honorable mention ---

* animated lava lamps that glow red, green, blue, blue and purple, or Christmassy combinations like red and green
- 1% of them explode if left on too long

* sweater puppies
- a puppy wearing a sweater
- a top that makes it look like each of your boobs is a puppy
- a peach midriff v-neck sweater with two puppy faces on the chest and two tails on the back that looks from a distance like you're topless and holding a dog under each arm
- a knit pullover for small dogs with a design on each side of a blue-footed booby
- cleavage-enhancing sweater, perhaps a low-cut tight sweater with a v-neck wide enough to see a bit of a lacy push-up bra underneath, adding a bit of suggestive shadow to make the "sweater puppies" look more full grown

* moar quabbits!
- maybe a Christmassy variation of the "Aspect of the Quabbit" that's more seasonal and less exclusive
- a clickable toy like the Valentine's Day picnic table that spawns a temporary dish of quabbit treats and summons wild quabbits to come nibble on them, but doesn't permanently tame them
- quabbit treats you can hold in your hand and get quabbits to come to you and follow you around instead of always hopping away
- summon pet quabbit nano

* Christmas teddy bear
- red and white teddy bears
- polar bear dolls
- red panda plushies

* Jayne hats
A Rollerrat Helmet with brown, orange, and yellow stripes. Paraphrase Wash in the description: "You walk down the street in this hat, people know you're not afraid of anything."

* Black Christmas
Everyone drinks cyanide laced egg-nog, everyone dies, and you get to turn off the christmas music playing everywhere and actually have a _silent night_. Maybe whatever this year's apocalypse is, there will be some option for those who voted for this to side with Team Bah Humbug and still be rewarded for event participation.

* Snowflake wings

* Christmas and other holiday decor (including snow) in environments, where applicable
It doesn't even have to be a huge deal; subtle things make all the difference.

* candy cane stockings and peppermint bikini
- viewtopic.php?f=23&t=21449#p177431

* ice / snowflake halo

* ridable reindeer jetbike

--- slightly less honorable mention, but at least someone liked it ---

* Uncle Pumpkinhead comes back with Santa's hat on and tries to steal Christmas, ala Nightmare Before Christmas

* pumpkin spice latte
- or just more coffee options in general, but pumpkins are something Rubi Ka does have plenty of

* floating leet candles like the Halloween skull shoulder candles

* Satan Claws Hat
a Santa Hat with a skull on it and/or horns sticking out of it

* snowflake pasties with icicle or tinsel tassels

* early release of one of the new low requirement general composite nanos with festive red and green sparkles

* "rock candy" hecklers

* quabbit slippers

* Candy cane-striped dancing pole

* TSW Golem event where the golems are in santa hats and give approrpriate xmas themed loot

* beer hat with eggnog cartons instead

* Santa Kreigshammer
Big, gruff Atrox (Kreigshammer in AO) with a suit of chainmail under a red leather robe, a big sack over one shoulder, and a two-handed warhammer in the other hand

* crowns and tiaras
- maybe the new engine can do this properly, but making them hover like the veteran shop halos would be adequate for now

* wigs (especially pompadours)

* the rest of the elf costume to go with last year's booties

--- only just mentioned and not actually honored with any votes, but still an idea ---

* hair styling devices / AO barber shop
change your head to a similar one with different hair, like the plastic surgery system, but less expensive and more limited, like TSW's barber

* extra sharp antlers
- with icicles and/or Christmas Tree ornaments

* consumable champagne, eggnog, hot chocolate, hot toddy, and/or grog
- make grog/champagne year round
- a proper stein for the grog (or ale!) and proper slim wine glasses for the champagne

* gift certificates or reward cards or coupons for the various bars, with mission waypoints
- especially Rompa and "Enjoy it While it Lasts / Chick Fight"

* cheesecake poster of Santa Leet

* Something for AO like TSW's Tentacle Topper to make a persistent personal snowstorm

* giant snowmen attack Borealis

* trees catch on fire and giant snowmen put it out
- "piss on it" was the phrase actually suggested

* miniature snowmen attack and elfleets need to be saved from them
preferably something lowbies can participate in, unlike that Enigma Grove deal

* variant Naughty List bikinis (and in TSW, too)

* TSW Christmas-themed weapon skins

* panda leet

* snow hecklers with carrot noses and top hats
- possibly as an invading army to fight for presents

* Christmas balls (tree decorations) bikini

* Tree Dress or Holiday #2 with animated blinking christmas lights
- ... -Skirt.php

* A dark green ski outfit, same look as the already exiting purple one, but dark green. (Like Macrosun's T-shirt)

* Floating gift torch, red with green tape

* Another Holiday Hologram; one that makes it look like you have the gauntlet buff/NT nano regen buff, but its flashing green and red.

* Make the already existing shirts "The Logo Shirt" drop.

* A placard: Michi was here! // Cool down! // I (picture of a leet) j00 // I g0t c0al dis year

I hope this was useful, interesting, or at least amusing. Thanks for reading it and letting us participate in your brainstorming, and thanks for all the work you do to keep improving our favorite games.

- Jezebelle
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