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Halloween 2010 brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:10 pm

As many of you already know, I like to collect ideas for new holiday items at GSP parties and write them up as submissions to feedback@anarchy-online.com. This is something I started doing years before becoming a Dancer and I have no special inside access with FunCom, either. Anyone can do it. The email address is right there on the first sentence of this post. I just got motivated to sit down and write up my ideas and get them to FC. Then I mentioned them at some parties and started adding other suggestions that came up.

It does have to be done quite a bit in advance, since the writing takes some time, and then they have to read it and pass it on to the creative folks who might draw some inspiration from it when they're designing the new items. Then come the modeling, texturing, coding, writing, and other implementation details before they can be shipped off to RK0 for testing in time to be debugged before the event.

So, that means it's time for Halloween 2010 ideas already. I started collecting ideas at some parties already, thinking that at the rate it has gone in the past, it would take three, maybe four weeks to collect enough for a good selection of ideas. At the time I'm writing this, there are already 82 ideas in the list, and it's been less than two weeks. I'll still be collecting ideas at every party I can until July 17. At least that's the current plan. It's already had to change a couple times and is still subject to change. I've asked the other Dancers to help collect ideas too, when I'm not there, or you can just come here yourself and post your idea. That's what this thread is for.

I prefer that you say your ideas in vicinity, so it might spark other ideas, but if you can't get to the party, go ahead and send a tell. Vicinity does get pretty busy too, so if I don't respond reasonably soon, I may have missed it. I do my best to keep up, but it happens. If you think I missed it, ask or try a tell, but please don't just keep repeating the idea. That just slows everything down.

Usable ideas:
1) do not infringe on anyone else's Intellectual Property, but references are okay,
2) are specific enough that I have a good idea what you mean to write up, and I'll ask for clarification if necessary,
3) aren't already on the list, but if I know it already is, I'll just ask you to add some new detail to make it different,
4) fit within AO's "Teen" rating - no naughtier than the Midnight Pumpkin Bikini I'll be dancing in as an example, although that really doesn't leave a whole lot out.

And yes, DJs, Dancers, and even ARKs can contribute ideas. If a GM or Dev wants to throw in an idea, just for kicks, well, they're the ones making and enforcing the rules anyway, so that's up to them.

At some parties, I've tried giving away a Christmas Gift for each usable idea, but occasionally that encouraged some people to go on a brainstorming spree and list as many ideas as they could think of as fast as they could, to get lots of gifts. While brainstorming isn't necessarily bad, this list is growing too fast already. Just our best ideas will be plentiful enough for FC to consider "brainstorming", so I'm changing the rules there.

We're done with rewards for ideas for this event. If you have a good idea that you'd really like to have posted, by all means throw it in anyway. You can bring it up at a party, post it here, or send it in yourself. Ideas brought up at a show can be discussed, which is usually pretty fun, and inspires more ideas. They will be put on this list.

In the past, I've sent in every idea that came up. There are just too many already this time, and it's still early. Instead, I'll send in our favorites along with a link back to this thread, so FC can see how much enthusiasm came up and, if they have time to go through the whole list, it'll be right here. That's what brainstorming is about, generating a big pile of ideas and then picking out the best ones for more consideration. Keeping the whole pile around will still be pretty impressive.

From July 18 to July 31, the GSP DJs, Staff, and Dancers will vote on their favorites. Yes, two weeks, because some will be on vacation for half of it and others are just so busy that finding the free time to read over and make choices from the whole list might take that long. Then I'll write those up in full sentences and such, with reference links and stuff if necessary, and get them off to FunCom by mid-August, which should be in plenty of time to land on the right desktops shortly before it's time to start designing goodies.

So keep your thinking caps on, even if it makes your brain start to heat up. You can always take something else off to cool down. And remember, the real grand prize isn't some gift box from last year. It's having FunCom actually put something in the game that bears a striking resemblance to an idea YOU came up with!
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Postby Jezebelle » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:11 pm

- ninja costume, like the martial arts suit with a balaclava

- handbra top - still not more naughty than the Midnight Pumpkin! Here's a link to example RK4 handbra costume tops.

- blocky, low-poly, low-rez costume, in case we get nostalgic for this engine once the new one is out.

- light bar earrings, just an inch or so long but shiny, preferably throwing some nice shadows and explaining why the light bar on your back illuminates in front of you.

- Goobucket doll or costume. If you're not familiar with that GSP fan character, here's a rendition of him by Kerrigan7/Sunserro.

- "airsick" bags - supposedly to be given out by anyone wearing a Goobucket costume

- Tron costume... but that infringes Disney's IP. How close can you get and still be original? Black jogging suit with glowing stripes in changeable primary and secondary colors?

- straw hat, farmer style, not the Chinese style one Martial Artists like

- black and white bikini

- yellow bikini with frogs on it

- candy corn bikinii

- trumpet, dual-wieldable with the Mitaar

- gorilla suit (maybe morph into an Atrox shape with a fuzzy black and brown texture?)

- princess costume, complete with crown and wand

- cloud of bats nano, like that Holiday Hologram that makes red and green sparkles fly around you, but with black bats instead)

- witch's hat and boots - I don't think this engine can do pointy boots, but most likely the new one can. A pointy, conical, bent, wide-brimmed hat, with a wild spray of black and grey hair underneath should be doable though, right?

- pet spiders - we have enough spiders in the game to choose from, so the models and animation are already there

- pet disembodied hand - like the one from Evil Dead or Thing from The Addams Family (finger-walking might be asking too much of this engine, possibly save this for the new engine?)

- headless horseman - it's a public-domain legend as long as you don't mention any details specific to any one production of it - and on Rubi-Ka he'd be riding a bronto or a silvertail or something instead. It could be a new form of Pumpkinhead, a quest, a limited use combat pet, a doll...

- put horns on the Unicorns' heads

- other breed masks - one headwear item for each breed that switches between some of the least used heads for that breed (or gender), and make them wearable by anyone (or anyone not that breed?)

- baseball caps - I don't think this engine can handle this one, but maybe the new one can?

- smiley face boxers / bikinis, either small faces like the pink polka-dot boxers, or just a few big grins in particular spots. And remember! Girls like boxers too!

- Mr. Squeaky glasses, hat (either a hat with ducks on it or a duck on your head), holdable doll, slippers (duck-shaped, probably not in this engine), costume (paid point alien style)

- chainsaw melee weapon

- forehead devil horns in "angry" or "sexy" shapes, probably a headwear item that changes shape with right clicks. Both types come out of the forehead.

- Burning Cardboard Box hat (scribbly crayon flames, 3-year-old style)

- pet dragon - and we have plenty of dragon-like critters to choose from, so the particular type (and color?) of dragon could be random. I imagine they'd be roughly the same size as the tamed Enigma Dogs.

- dead rat as a weapon - rat flail? Do we even have non-rolling rats anywhere on Rubi-Ka? Maybe it would have to be a rat mace, then. Attach a dead rollerrat to a stick (or Stalker Limb?) and smack someone with it. And there's no armor that provides "Eww! Gross!" AC.

- Rat Stew recipe - something else to do with all that rubbery rollerrat flesh. Maybe tie it in to some quest. Feed some wild predators... or troxes...

- "pet" creepy little girl following you around, like the ghost from The Ring or Alma from FEAR - clouds of black fog, long stringy black hair mostly hiding her face, and chasing you around everywhere

- floating head "pet" that follows you around demanding $2 - apparently a reference to "Better Off Dead", but I most have missed that one. With or without the reference, a floating skull following you around is creepy enough.

- monsters that beg for 3.50? Apparently is has to be pronounced "tree-fitty" to get the reference.

- temporary item that lets you fly like an MP with Quantum Wings - a steampunk jetpack or working devil/angel wings

- social version of the Corpsecutter (right-hand only and no drop)

- "unique" Hooded Cloak that replaces face texture with a skull - and perhaps that would actually work without changing the face model as long as it changes the head model to a hood instead

- Lots of people still want those awesome striped East/West/North tights from a few years ago, but they unfortunately have a date on them, so how about something similar in different colors? Black striped with fuchsia, red, grey, blue, or whatever matches the other stuff you give out this year.

- short copper gloves to match Schreiner's Copper Colored Disco Shoes

- pumpkin shaped glasses

- wearable Lien costume that you can still attack in, unlike the "reaper" morph

- XXX-Plumbo Beer can costume, with holes to see out of and for and arms and legs. Description should probably refer to the built-in straw attached to copious amount of space to store beer in chilled compartments around the inside of the can.

- pet Heckler that runs around after you or a pet rock on a hoverboard that coasts behind you and randomly stands up on the board to do little tricks.
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Postby Jezebelle » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:11 pm

- costumes for Slayerdroids - "Princess" (frilly pink skirt, shiny tiara) and "Puppydog" (tail, puppydog mask, and little ears coming off it's shoulders.)

- collectable Costume boxes, like the Catgirl Uniform, but tradeable like Christmas Gifts

- Christmas Gift hat, wearable like the Anniversary cardboard box, but looks like any of the various Christmas Gift boxes. (maybe that would be better as a Christmas present, but finding that in a Christmas Gift box would be confusing, and either way it would NEED to have a different icon)

- Breed morph (visual only - no stat effect) - but I'm not sure how that's a Halloween costume unless it randomly chooses one of the least used heads for that breed?

- Trick box that looks like the other costume box suggested above, but when opened, spawns a miniature version of some random boss monster of the same level as the Uncle Pumpkinhead that dropped the box. Defeating the monster should result in at least as good a reward as what the box claimed to contain.

- a Strawberry Shortcake costume was suggested, but that's someone else's IP, so how about a relatively similar (within the abilities of the engine) outfit, but with pies instead of shortcake?

- Minibronto or Reet pets with Halloween costumes, like the Draculeets and Frankenleets. I guess a costume for a reet is pretty much just a cute little hat.

- Halloween battle suit with jack-o-lantern on torso, legs and arms have skeleton print

- Halloween Yalmaha paint - Pumpkin/Jack-o-Lantern, Bat, Witch (kinda like the yalm with the woman on it) - for regular Yalmahas, separate from the usual Phasefront holiday offerings.

- Jack-o-Leet - an Orange Leet with black eyes, and a Jack-O-Lantern grin

- Rat-o-Lantern - a Jack-o-Lantern made out of the part of the Rollerrat you cut off every time you scoop out all that rubbery flesh. (And I thought carving pumpkins was icky enough!!!)

- trick weapons like "Corps3 Cutt3r" or "Styg1an De50lat0r" that have the same icon as the weapon their name resembles and are equippable only in social (maybe so they can have the real weapon's stats without being useful) and when equipped, they appear as a leet doll and say "Happy Halloween!" Or maybe the leet doll has a tiny little version of that weapon equipped that does 1-1(1) damage?

- "ARK WANNABE" shirts - obviously these couldn't actually look anything like real ARK shirts, and the "WANNABE" part in big bold letters on the chest and back should prevent, or at least limit, confusion.

- Halloween lamps to place in the apartments, like a jack-o-lantern or a witch with a glowing crystal ball.

- morph players into various RK fruits, like Banana Surprise, Triple Cherries, Giant Pollen, etc. A new flavor of weird cherries, I guess. Bonus points if they move by rolling or bouncing.

- pet undead bouncer leet, radio in ear, black suit and shades. Draculeet and Frankenleet would work, as would a Zombieleet. Skeleetons have no ears.

- Angel and devil leet pets

- Slayerleet - a pet leet with the arms of an Engineer Slayerdroid

- leet mask (front only like the hockey mask)

- bronto head mask (full head, like the witch mask)

- You know when Draculeet and Frankenleet ask you what scares you? Tell them "Bureaucracy" and they morph you into Carlo.

- You talk to a l33t named Tammy the Techie and she tells you what items you need to make a TV and you gather items from junkyards and your final results are a TV with a flashing Jack-o-Lantern on it. Possibly change the image with each holiday patch, so it's a Jack-o-Lantern only while the Halloween event is running, a Christmas Tree while the Christmas event is running, etc, and rolling static between events.

- Cyborg zombie leet selling solid-looking holograms of monsters and bosses, all about the size of an atrox, including leets, dragons, etc

- Mr Evil Squeaky version of the Anniversary outfit

- classic monster social clothing - we already have a mummy, so where are Werewolf (fangs, fuzzy face and hands, or all skin tone turns to fur texture?), Vampire (pale skin, fangs, cape), and Frankenstein's Monster (green skin tone, neck bolts)? Maybe get parts for those from an event where you have to form a group or raid so you can hunt down like Frankenstein's Monster or something like that, and the reward would be like his neck-bolts or random pieces of him as social clothing so you have to do it more than once, AND you can only hurt/attack him if your in a raid (AKA angry mob)

- headlight glasses, and no, they're not on the side so you can still see. They're glasses with headlights instead of lenses.

- Buckethead helmet

- a black raven that sits on your shoulder like the shoulder parrot

- "Deadly Fan" social weapon, 1HE I guess, shaped like an Oriental folding fan, with the description "Well we have no idea who owned this but it has blood on it...or that could be ketchup..."

- social 1HE weapon, "Bloody Marie's Cleaver", would go well with the that king/queen cloak outfit that already exists, or the doctor or mad scientist coats. Just a regular cleaver, but more bloody with a story.

- a gasmask

- Halloween guitar case with flame design and a skeleton in the middle

- big nose joke glasses, like Groucho glasses or Pinocchio or Steve Martin in the movie "Roxanne".

- a Tarryk head - it just removes the hair from your character when you put it on

- black t-shirt that says SECURITY on both sides, for party "bouncers"

- t-shirt that says "Muffin or Nuffin"

- a meatball (Anger Manifestation) with a chainsaw - I don't know if you could attach anything to their tentacles, but it wouldn't make any less sense to just have the chainsaw floating in front of them.

- a t-shirt that on the back says "Vamp1r3s Suck"

- a quest involving the "head of the immortal" from SL where you gotta get it to the headless immortal itself for a reward, maybe a nano or something to make your character appear headless, or something along those lines

- Evil Clown mask or Evil Clowns that pop out of "trick" costume boxes

- 2 Moon Wolf shirt (because 2 Wolf Moon has to be protected IP somewhere) with a description detailing the paleoanthropology findings of some ancient mystical beliefs about the supernatural powers granted to the wearer of such a shirt. Flight, superhuman strength, incomparable prowess of all sorts, complete irresistability to the opposite sex (or whichever you're attracted to?).
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Postby audrima » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:29 pm


I want a kittyleet costume ^^ full size
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Postby Jezebelle » Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:16 am

I got some submissions by PM so they could be discussed, clarified, etc., before posting. That's fine, too. If anyone else wants to talk about it first, but the show's too busy, PMs here work fine. Or if you want to post them anonymously, PM works. I've kept these anonymous so far, just because that seems to be how FC has been doing it. Maybe it's some policy about unsolicited suggestions and intellectual property, or maybe it's a coincidence. If you want to post them here yourself like Audrima did, that's fine too. Whatever works for you.

- zombie costume in separate suit and mask items, like the skeleton costume - the difference between this and the mutant morph is that you can still attack with a costume made of items. It should look similar to the morph, but different enough to be identifiable as a player (not an actual mutant mob) who may still be able to attack you (unlike the morphed players).

- Frankenstein costume, also in separate parts - similar to the idea posted above, but more the cartoony Frankenstein: tuxedo rags for chest, legs, feet & arms, green skin gloves and the green-skinned, scarred deformed head either as a front mask like the skeleton from last year, or as a whole head.

- leet costume with tail, maybe a body costume as well: a big furry pear-shaped bulk around the player, like last year's pumpkin vehicle, but not a chair. Similar to the Beer Can Costume idea. Possibly make the costume right-clickable to change into different leet costumes, especially Cheerleet for the ladies.

- nanos: Throw Eggs (like the snowball Nano) or Throw Sweets (A small buff? Maybe a speed-related buff, like a sugar rush, with some colorful glitter like the Holiday Hologram.)

- pet skeleton and zombie leets (possibly give out more of last year's "Spooky Leet Pet" nanos, but expand the effect of the nano to include those?)

- "I [heart] Halloween" shirt, with the A and the O of course Anarchy Online Logo style, and that's a traditional heart shape, like the "I [heart] tokens" shirt, not the ASCII "<3"

- shirts with zombie or skeleton leet pictures, or Evil Mr Squeaky, or one that changes between different Halloween pets, like the Emoticon shirt.

- Evil Mr Squeaky hat, big enough that all your hair disappears inside it, like other AO hats. Possibly even so big that the duck shape goes over the eyes with eye-holes in the body, to cover the hair problem. Would look more like a helmet that way, though.

- Evil Miss Squeaky - rubber duck in black vinyl dominatrix outfit with long eye lashes. No giant boobs like Cheerleet - she's a duck, not a platypus. Cheerleet-style eyelashes should get the point across sufficiently.

- Evil Squeaky shorts (Evil Mr. Squeaky version of the Anniversary outfit is already in the list, but shorts would be different, and considering the cut of some of the shorts we have, noticably naughtier.)

- Cthulhu head mask - I though that name was trademarked, but if so, it apparently isn't registered. It's still copyrighted, but facial tentacles in general are not. As long as the name and description only vaguely reference extra-dimensional high priests of elder gods from beyond the spheres who lie dead and dreaming under the sea, it should be fine. Calling it a slumbering cyclopean cephalopod from Adonis, for example, would get the point across. The famous "Necronomicon" quote, "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die," could be "interpreted" to reference reclaim or insurance terminals. Maybe a satirical AO "brother" of Cthulhu is some strange mascot of the insurance & reclaim technicians. The verses could be re-written as "Reclaim's dead, you must eternal lie, But when we fix it, even death will die."
Or it could have references to Cthulhu mixed with references to an octopus named Paul, an octopus in a German zoo which was asked to predict the outcome of the FIFA world cup matches (Germany's matches and the finale) and he got them all right.
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Postby Discordya » Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:44 pm

Jezebelle you astound and impress me!
I love the handbra bikini idea, zombie costume, I <3 Halloween, Christmas giftbox hat (could definitely be good for christmas too), minibronto/reet pets, rat-o-lantern, gasmask, straw/cowboy hats, princess costume, devil horns.

There are just so many things that we could have. I can't WAIT to see what we get this year. My top two are the zombie and princess costumes and i REALLY want a new holiday bikini. so much.
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Postby Jezebelle » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:23 pm

Whoah, hold on just a little longer, sweetie. I appreciate the enthusiasm, really, but we're not ready to vote yet. Next week and the week after, voting will be open (in a private GSP/Dancers area) for all the ideas submitted by the end of this week. We might still get some really good entries at parties, in posts, or in PMs.

Like these:

- neck item that gives you a demon tail, like the catgirl tail, but with an arrowhead-shaped tip

- severed head weapon, held by the hair (probably very short hair to make up the the engine's inability to handle gravity or momentum in a hand-held object - this could also be tied in with the "Head of an Immortal" and "Headless Horseman" ideas mentioned earlier)
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Postby Discordya » Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:01 pm

lol. I was just enjoying your post ^_^
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Postby Jezebelle » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:35 am

No worries. I get pretty excited about these, too. Some more great ideas came in at the parties tonight, like this first one I really got excited about:

- Pumpkinhead bikini - a Jack-o-Lantern and scythe design, or better yet, Jack-o-Lantern designs on ragged-edged black panels/cups, with scythe straps, dark brown in front, the straightish part, and red and silver around the curved back. Black and dark brown back with red and silver at the sides for the thong. Maybe the silver hip strings are tied around a little teddy bear?

- beer can form of Gilbert's Bottle - the orange skull in a black bottle

- a new Halloween drink that looks like Gilbert's bottle. That object is *so* Halloween. Why not use it?

- Mr Squeaky Vehicle - just like the jack-o-lantern vehicle last year, but duck-shaped. Possibly in both yellow and black varieties, or black for Halloween and yellow for Christmas or something.

- Mr Squeaky Costume - similar idea, but rather than a vehicle you sit in, your legs stick out the bottom so you can run and dance and play like a duck mascot. Bonus points for quacking or squeaking.

- glowing bikini - several slightly different ideas on this, but most of them probably wouldn't work in the current engine. Maybe the chalk white fabric glows like it's under blacklight at night or in poorly lit rooms. Maybe it responds to any illumination other than "daylight" as though it were blacklight. Maybe it's just faintly luminous like RK4 "glow in the dark" paints and plastics. Maybe it has a glowing aura effect, like the surface glow of Adventurer damage shields, but just around the cloth. Or maybe it illuminates the whole room like a front-mounted light bar.
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Postby Lohazzen » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:27 pm

make a hello leet :D

Postby Jezebelle » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:13 am

Just got another nice pile of suggestions at Drexlore and Klinical's shows.

- a new Teddy Bear or bring the old Childhood Memories back (according to AUNO, it does NOT have a date on it!)

- if you still don't want to bring back the Childhood Memory teddy bears, how about a “Recollection of Childhood Memory” nano to summon a temporary one?

- or maybe a "Nostalgia of Childhood Memory" nano to summon a pet one?

- voodoo dolls - either generic blank ones or likenesses of Means, in case we're particularly upset with a certain decision.

- Mr Squeaky zombie, mummy, and/or emo (black hair over one eye) variations

- vampire thong with fangs on it? Probably the first time I heard anyone ask for fangs on their thong... and it was suggested by an Atrox....

- gothic princess costume, like Gothic Lolita, but with a long skirt instead of a black tutu, and more royal purple hues.

- Cybergoth costume - kind of a hybrid goth/nerd/punk with black and white highlighted with CRT green, good example at http://rehula.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/newreleases.jpg

- grey and/or black angel wings, and the white ones don't have a date on them, so bringing those back, or changing them so they turn into the black and grey, like the Bat/Dragon/Demon set, would be good.

- wearable fangs - I'm pretty sure the current engine can't manage this without replacing the whole head, especially since some Nanomages don't even have a mouth to put it on, but maybe you can save it for the new engine.

- goggles - the steampunk variety have been suggested before, but we're still waiting for those. Welding, swimming, biker, and mad scientist goggles would also be good.

- welding mask - the kind that covers your whole face, just like the Hockey Mask, but has a tinted window in the front instead of holes.

- pimp with cane and gimp with leash outfits - the leash would probably have to be just as flexible as the catgirl's tail, at least in this engine, but maybe that can be remedied later.

- coconut bikini top and separate seashell thong, mixable with the hula outfit to get coconuts and a grass skirt or a lei and a seashell.

- something that initiates the death animation as a social emote with sound. Obviously with a timer so the sound can't be spammed too much. Something like a ritual suicide knife or suicide pill or suicide implant trigger.
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Postby Roth » Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:44 am

wow so many good ideas, its amazing that people keep coming up with more!
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Postby Jezebelle » Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:26 pm

And yet they keep rolling in! Even without throwing around gifts and stuff for rewards! I wasn't able to stay at Joan's show long last night, but I did get one response almost instantly:

- Pumpkins! - I'm assuming he meant like picking the ones in the Camelot pumpkin patch, and some others everyone can get to, to make our own Jack-o-Lanterns, but I didn't get any clarification on that. If you don't know what else he might have meant, maybe you should have been at the party, huh?

And then at (and after) Nushen's show, these came up:

- Jack-o-Lantern Vine Spider monster - you kill Uncle Pumpkinhead once and the rags fall off and the gourd sprouts legs and comes after you, but only randomly with some of the Pumpkinheads, like 20% of the ones in missions or something, maybe less, so it's a surprise. And maybe some of the wild ones, too, but they all have boss-level HP already. Maybe the ones that transform have normal amounts of HP in each form, so they're not overpowered

- pet leet-sized humanoid skeletons, like Juju Dolls or the Dancing Skeleton Doll

- UPH's henchmen - notum-infused (glowing blue blood) mutants wearing the classic monster costumes and dropping pieces of them - so the Halloween hunting isn't just all the same monster over and over

- Bloody tie-dye shirt

- Spiked tophat

- evil blood-splattered teddy bear with a bloody knife - a pet or a monster, or maybe both
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Postby Jezebelle » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:45 pm

Tarryk's show last night had a lot of different interesting conversations going on, but I think I caught all the Halloween ideas that came up. If I missed one, let me know quick. It's almost time to start the voting.

- paper bag over the head like the cardboard box

- paper bag and/or sock puppets on the hands - maybe add some animation to them later, in the new engine?

- antennae in all colors - like the devil horns suggested above if that's even possible, or like the Funny Arrow since we know that's possible

- homeless beard - like the Santa beard but dirty, with small animals living in it (Eww! But I guess that's the point.)

And unfortunately, I couldn't stay logged in for Joan's show or catch Shigy's. If anything came up there, just post it here quick.
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Postby Cheese » Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:58 pm

I thought this might be something to show off the new engine. Gould give some placeholder graphic, and then update it when the engine hits.

Water bikini-
It wouldn’t be opaque enough to see through, but would show off the engines capabilities. It would shimmer and reflect just like water and maybe change color with the season - orange / black Halloween, red / green Christmas, white new years, pink Easter, etc.

If that’s a no go then you could change it to solid silver and non opaque and call it a liquid metal bikini.
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Postby Jezebelle » Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:03 am

Lohazzen wrote:make a hello leet :D

We clarified this in PMs. Apparently, this is a white "chibi" leet pet that looks like a "Hello Kitty" style of leet.

And at Lauri's show last night, one idea was suggested that came up last year. Normally, I'd ask for some difference or new details, but I like this one enough that I'll just throw in the new details myself.

- black rose - either just like the Everlasting Bouquet of Flowers with all the petals black or a single black rose. The leaves and stems should stay green. Bonus points if it can also be placed on the ground.

And that appears to be the end of the voting list. Anything after this point wouldn't get a fair vote, but don't let that stop you from posting it. If anyone likes it enough to go crazy over it here or tell FunCom about it themselves, they're certainly welcome to do so. My hope is that at least one someone at FC will be intrigued enough by the favorites I'll be sending them to come check out the rest of the list, too.
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Postby Jezebelle » Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:30 am

I can't believe I forgot this one! I SOO wanted this last Halloween.

- Catgirl Costume in non-temporary separate parts. With ears that either work with your own face or let you choose (by right-clicking it) which head to use. Separate uniform and ears/tail.
- Fox, rabbit, and wolf varieties of the catgirl costume would be fun, too, and not necessarily for females only. Foxgirls, wolfboys, and ... bunnytrox? Or how about kangaroos? Maybe some AO critters instead? Silver tails? Bronto tails for troxes maybe? Definitely dragons, for anyone, to go with the dragon wings. Devil horns and tails were earlier in the list. Those would similarly go well with the demon wings.
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Postby Silverhammer » Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:14 am

1hb severed limbs!
How awesome would it b to start smacking around Pumpkin Head with a severed leg. =)

Candy that gives you a sugar rush, a buff that ups your inits.

Dry Ice Cubes? ... Something that makes the effect of mist pouring across the ground from your feet.

Creepy looking crystal ball that randomly glows in different colors.

Chocolate! Because what's Halloween without it? =)

Chains that wrap all around your body or just on certain parts.

Sorry if this is to late. =(
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Troxxy Kilts

Postby Ranssom » Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:53 am

Ok. Yeah I knew this thread had to by you Jez :) I guess some of your idea were accepted last year by funcom ^^

I still want full tartans for Troxes or everyone it's all good! (Yeah Kilts and the whole bit).
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Postby Jezebelle » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:48 am

Well, the lists that were sent in for last Halloween and Christmas were so long that it would be surprising if they didn't happen to contain some ideas that overlapped with what FunCom had already thought of. There were enough similarities that it would be a remarkable coincidence, though. FC never confirmed it, and I'm not taking credit, least of all for the ideas. They came from lots of people.

Still, I think getting your ideas onto this list, late or not, gives you a pretty good chance of at least inspiring some new item idea, even if it doesn't turn out exactly the way you imagined it.

The voting period is half over, and the voting so far is all over the place, with some clear favorites having several votes and lots of different things getting one or two votes. It's going to be tricky to find a cutoff point for which ones to write up, but I'll have to wait and see how the numbers come out.

Regardless of whether your idea makes the short-list or not, there will be a link back here, and I'd be quite surprised if at least someone at FC didn't follow that link back here to take a look at the whole list. I know I would if fans of my work were offering up free creative energy like this. So go ahead and keep on posting if you have more to offer.
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