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GridStream AutoDJ Suggestions

Postby Gridfan » Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:13 pm

As many may have noticed GridStream has a slightly different playlist now, with automatic sweep insertions etc.
Yes, we have a AutoDJ handling the playlist when no DJ is live.

And we are happy to see people make suggestions for songs you'd like to see in the AutoDJ, or if there is a song you really dislike and would see removed from the AutoDJ. Please note that we may or may not be able to add a song, and we may choose to keep a song even if some people dislike it. Once the AutoDJ is "full" we may be more easily persuaded to remove tracks though.

The initial idea behind the (slowly) growing music repertoire of the autodj is that it should have music the DJs do not normally play live. Essentially making the GSP AutoDJ a "silent" DJ of GSP. After all, if the AutoDJ plays the same music as the other DJs why bother coming/listening to the live shows right?

When making suggestions please do not post links to songs without the permission of the copyright holders. The exception are links to music the artists themselves put out (on their own websites) or music released as Public Domain or under Creative Commons license (or a similar). There are a quite a few sites out there now that have Creative Commons licensed stuff, and the Internet Archive might too.

So... what is YOUR suggestion?
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Re: GridStream AutoDJ Suggestions

Postby Jezebelle » Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:08 am

Not counting the stuff I posted in Discord (or should I repeat that here?) or the two mix tapes I posted in Kermie's forum here...

Machine Head - Sail Into the Black
Dream Theater - Pull me Under, Perfect Strangers
Bush - Machinehead
Heather Nova - Walk This World, Throwing Fire at the Sun
Christina Perry - Jar of Hearts
Angelo Badalamenti / Julee Cruise - Falling
Metallica - pretty much the black album, maybe a few other classics
Delerium - Silence
Ariya - The Gun Song
Korn - Twisted Transistor
The Prodigy - Spybreak, Mindfields
Erin McCarley - Pitter-Pat
Pink Floyd - Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict
Machine Head - I'm Your God Now
Emilie Simon - I Want to be Your Dog
Little Birdy - Relapse
Catatonia - Mulder and Scully
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Counting Crows - Round Here
Omnia - Fee Ra Huri
Monkeyjunk - Small Time Evil
Tom "T Bone" Stankus - Existential Blues
The Frantics - Ti Kwon Leep / Boot to the Head
Lillix - Little Things , Doughnut , Wishing Well
Eve 6 - Inside Out , Promise , Rescue
Boa - Duvet
Three Days Grace - Pain
Orgy - Fiction (Dreams in Digital)
Hugo - Bread & Butter
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Mermaids, Red Right Hand
Lush - Heavenly Nobodies, Light From a Dead Star
Matchbox 20 - 3 AM , Long Day
Adam Lambert - Mad World
Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice
Dune - Million Miles from Home
SubVision and Guy Cross - Theme from Farscape
The Guild - Do You Wanna Date my Avatar

And once there's enough on the playlist so things aren't repeating as much, maybe some spoken comedy, because that old faster than music does. I don't really have any specific "tracks" to suggest, there...

George Carlin is always good, and I know he has audio albums
Dane Cook used to be on a playlist... Narcotik's I think?
Robin Williams must have audio albums... probably even vinyl ones
Jeff Foxworthy
Ron White
... maybe Pandora is a better place to ask that question. I might have to look into that more.
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Re: GridStream AutoDJ Suggestions

Postby Gridfan » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:08 am

Jezebelle wrote:Not counting the stuff I posted in Discord (or should I repeat that here?) or the two mix tapes I posted in Kermie's forum

No please, if you feel it should be in the AutoDJ then post here so it's easy to find. I'm hoping DJs will glance through the posts here when new ones are made and check if they have it or not or can get it, then they let the rest know in a internal list we have for the AutoDJ.

We have a AutoDJ validator script that needs to be run on tracks to check if it fits certain technical criteria we have, like bitrate/coverart/tags/EBU R128 loudness/true peak.

The process is new and a tad more clunky than it needs to be, but we're learning/adapting. We never had a AutoDJ before just manually prepped playlists.
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Re: GridStream AutoDJ Suggestions

Postby Jezebelle » Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:17 pm

Okay. Here's the ones I posted on Discord, then. Plus a few more notes...

- Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here", "Learning to Fly", "Marooned", "Wearing the Inside Out", "Coming Back to Life", "Keep Talking", "On the Turning Away"
- Queensryche, the Empire album, pretty much all of it, plus "I Dream in Infrared", "Screaming in Digital", "I Don't Believe in Love", "Eyes of a Stranger", "I Am I", "Disconnected", "Lady Jane"
- Goo Goo Dolls, mostly from Dizzy Up the Girl - "Dizzy", "Broadway", "Iris", "Slide", and "Name"
- Sting, "Desert Rose", "Stolen Car", "Moon over Bourbon Street"
- MeatLoaf, obviously the Bat out of Hell albums, but maybe Paradise is overplayed. How about "Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back", "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through", "Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer than They Are", and from more obscure albums, "Midnight at the Lost and Found" and "Nowhere Fast"
- Cowboy Junkies - "Sweet Jane", "A Common Disaster", "Me and the Devil"
- Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows", "Bloodletting (the Vampire Song)", "Joey", "Tomorrow Wendy", "Dance Along the Edge"
- Maybe some of Yoko Kanno's soundtracks, they're all brilliant but my favorite is "Inner Universe", sung by Origa for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

And those two 90's mix tapes of goth obscurities and b-sides I posted to Kermie's forum...

"The Sound" by Sub Version on "The Disease of Lady Madeline"
"Lie Broken, Bleeding" by Black Tape for a Blue Girl on "Mesmerized by the Sirens"
"Syrinx" flute solo composed by Debussy
"The Cage - Refrain" by Attrition
"Poison (Single Mix)" by Laurie Anderson
"Away" by The Bolshoi
"Red" by Treblecharger
"Radio in My Head" by Opium Den on "Diary of a Drunken Sun"
"Terra Incognita" by Project Pitchfork
"Colder" by Lycia
"Skin + Lye" by Malign
"Angel of Death" by Eva O
"Troubled" by Peter Gabriel
"Kayleigh" by Marillion
"Wait" by Sarah McLachlan
"Voices Carry" by 'Til Tuesday
"Love + Solitude" by Love is Colder than Death
"Understanding Jane" by The Icicle Works
"Pictures of Betrayal" by Nosteratu
"Quite Unusual (12")" by Front 242

"City of Needles" by Legendary Pink Dots
"Cold, Black Room" by Bleak
"Acid Tongue" by Attrition
"Blindfold" by Curve
"I Bleed" by The Pixies
"I am the Fly" by Wire
"Second Language" by Disco Inferno
"Love Like Blood" by Killing Joke
"Thursday" by Cranes
"Second Skin" by The Chameleons
"Flying Lesson" by Yo La Tengo
"Christianity" by The Wolfgang Press
"Nightmare Jacket" by Perfume Tree
"Flowers Become Screens" by Delerium
"For One Ludwig F." by Love is Colder than Death
"Ripple" by The Church
"Her House" by The Moon Seven Times
"Cease" by Rosewater Elizabeth

I linked those to online samples at the time just to indicate the version I meant, since there were some pretty obscure little gems in there, but I guess I can skip that part here just so nobody's tempted to cheat.

And some more ideas wandered across my path while I was pasting this up...

- Repo! the Genetic Opera, "Zydrate Anatomy"
- Falco - "Rock Me Amadeus"
- Billy Idol, "Eyes Without a Face"
- Talking Heads, "Once in a Lifetime"
- Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight", "Another Day in Paradise"
- Star Wars VI (The Complete Score), "Lapti Nek" (but not the "complete suite". It does go on)
- John Williams / Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes - "Cantina Bar"
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Re: GridStream AutoDJ Suggestions

Postby Gimpeline » Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:21 pm

A few suggestions:

Devin Townsend - Kingdom
Alice Cooper - No more mr nice guy
Johnny Cash - I walk the line
The Baseballs - Umbrella
Spinal Tap - Big bottom
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
Jimi Hendrix - All along the watchtower
Probot - Centuries of sin
Accept - Fast as a shark
Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons and coffeespoons
David Bowie - Space oddity
Jesus Christ Superstar - Heaven on their minds
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of fire
Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown goes down
Janis Joplin - Son of a preacher man
Jethro Tull - Locomotive breath
Rainbow - Stargazer
Tina Turner - Steamy windows
Tom Lehrer - Poisoning pigeons in the park
Vanessa Mae - Storm
Whitesnake - Fool for your loving
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