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Christmas 2010 brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:26 am

Time to get your thinking caps on and come sit on Santa's lap or write some lists with Santa's Helpers. Yeah, I know it's not even Halloween yet, but that head start is important in order for FC to get the wishlist before they start designing and building our presents for this year.

It's the same submission format as the Halloween ideas. You can submit ideas right here by replying to this thread, IM or /tell them to me here or RK1 or RK2, or bring them up at any GSP show where there's at least one Dancer, not necessarily myself. That last is the preferred method as it allows your idea to inspire others and lets others add details. Some of the best suggestions come out of bouncing ideas off each other at parties.

Same restrictions as the Halloween ideas, too:
1) Don't infringe anyone else's Intellectual Property, but oblique references are fine.
2) It has to be specific enough that everyone reading this had a pretty good idea what you mean. If I don't get it, I'll just ask you to clarify.
3) If I know it's already on the list, I'll ask you to add some new detail
4) Try to keep it within AO's "Teen" rating. Anything naughtier than the Naughty List Bikini is probably not going to happen.

August 30 - September 18 (3 weeks)
collecting ideas

September 20 - October 2 : (2 weeks)
GSP DJs, Staff, and Dancers vote on their favorites

October 4 - October 16 (2 weeks)
I research examples and write up the favorites in a suggestion email
(the days in between are to leave room for time zones)

And then about the time the Halloween event starts, FC will have our favorite ideas, complete with details and example links and whatnot, on their desktops with a link back to this thread to see the rest of the brainstorming.

To get the ball rolling, here are some ideas that came in since last Christmas and I saved for this one.

- diaper & bottle atrox costume “baby new year”

- annual year sashes

- father time costume

- electric notum tree (or holographic even)

- more Winter Leet Pet Nanos (let it drop again and add more leets to it - feel free to add specific examples)

- plaid pajamas

- anything in plaid converse

- and, of course, the new graphics engine.
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Postby Shigy » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:31 pm

I think we need a pimp cane but with candy can texturing.
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Postby audrima » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:40 pm

Wow hard at it again sweetie, *hugs* you rock!
I like to see simple mistletoe to hang in the aprtments maybe give it a effect. =^.^=

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Postby Vallikat » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:50 pm

"Snow Babe" costume - Fur trimmed jacket (just about long enough to be worn as a "dress"), matching boots and ... maybe a hat for good measure.

Hot Toddy

Milk and Cookies

"Miscellaneous red-nosed reindeer that is most certainly not named Rudolph" Pet.

Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle (perferably with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time). I expect that one is probably out of the question, but I couldn't resist throwing it in there. I'll be nice though and not suggest the "Major Award". :)

Hippopotamus pet. Just so I'm clear - Only a hippopotamus will do. Don't want a doll, no dinky Tinker Toy. I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy.

Fur bikini

Snowflake bikini - I'd be happy if there was a snowflake pattern on a light colored (pale blue?) bikini. However, I'm picturing more on the lines of big snowflakes covering the naughty bits.
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Postby Drexlore » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:53 pm

ValliKat wrote:Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle (perferably with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time). I expect that one is probably out of the question, but I couldn't resist throwing it in there. I'll be nice though and not suggest the "Major Award". :)

You'll shoot your eye out!

Also, I wouldn't mind seeing a "Naughty or Nice" shirt, right clickable to change it from saying Naughty and Nice.
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Postby Dasubervixen » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:59 pm

ValliKat wrote:"Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle (perferably with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time). I expect that one is probably out of the question, but I couldn't resist throwing it in there. I'll be nice though and not suggest the "Major Award". :)

You'll shoot you eye out.
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Postby Twisty » Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:55 pm

- New skin Naughty List Bikinis and Boxers

- Headphones with reindeer antlers

- Jumpsuit with a "gift-wrapped" skin, with changeable colors

- Box shaped christmas gift suit

I may add new ideas if I come up with anything.
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Postby Sprkly » Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:38 pm

Sexy Mrs. Claus costume something like this:

Naughty elf girl costume something like this: ... s-costume/

Likewise, perhaps we could do some silly Santa boxers for the boys/Atrox and goofy elf costumes for them too.
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Postby Kryat » Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:20 pm

all i would like to see is a Yeti Leet
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Postby Dasubervixen » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:26 pm

Kryat wrote:all i would like to see is a Yeti Leet

Great idea! I love it. :)
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Postby Jezebelle » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:00 am

In case anyone was wondering "New skin Naughty List Bikinis and Boxers" means more bikinis and boxers the same shape as the Naughty List ones, but in new colors and designs. If anyone has specific suggestions for patterns, feel free to suggest.

I collected these from some parties:

- sleigh jetbike (was suggested last year but didn't make it in)

- candy cane weapons (1HB or Piercing) - different flavors for different levels

- reindeer: brown silvertails with antlers. Maybe we can morph into them, summon them, chase them down for some quest. Maybe the one with the red nose is the quest NPC?

- localized snowstorm nano

- toy cargo ship (RK version of a Hess truck)

- Chaimeramas Beer - with even more health hazard warnings than XXX-Plumbo. And it's NOT green. It's like Arrogant Bastard Ale, but comes in an Atrox-shaped bottle or a cardboard box. Side effects may include inappropriate urination. Or is that an effect?

- Snowflake back item - like two butterfly wings made out of two snowflakes each.
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Postby Kryat » Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:41 am

Jezebelle wrote:- Chaimeramas Beer - with even more health hazard warnings than XXX-Plumbo. And it's NOT green. It's like Arrogant Bastard Ale, but comes in an Atrox-shaped bottle or a cardboard box. Side effects may include inappropriate urination. Or is that an effect?

i will spend all my paid points for that XD
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Postby Jezebelle » Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:00 pm

- kitty couch - a soft, cuddly, comfortable furniture item much like an Adventurer with the Grinning Hunter nano

- Santa chair with a lap to sit on when making up these lists (might have to wait for the new engine - we will someday be able to sit on our furniture, right?)

- snow weapons: shotguns that fire clouds of snow, grenade launchers that fling snowballs, that kind of thing

- pink Glittering Female Top - not necessarily just for Christmas either. A red and green one would be great for Christmas, but a pink one should be available all year.

- summon pet elf nano - a Dancing Mrs. Claus in a green outfit who follows you around like a leet pet, preferably dancing when idle, but biting her ankles would be pretty amusing, too.

- beer helmet - that's been suggested before, but it keeps coming up. Bonus points if it can be "filled" with various beverages as a tradeskill combination.

- Christmas GSP shirt with the logo "wearing" a santa hat and snow in the background

- red and green scarf (I don't know if this is plausible or worth the effort in the current engine, but we're expecting the new engine "soon" right?)

- red and greed socks with elf shoes or slippers (again, the engine and shoe shapes, but they could just be the same shape as everything else for now and change them later)

- white version of Monster Sunglasses

- mulled spiced wine and/or cider

- hot cocoa

- fireplaces, like the ones in Reet Retreat, placeable in apartments, preferably with hearths and mantles.

- dancing snowman dolls, like the dancing Santas, but more wobbling than dancing

- wearable glowing red reindeer noses

- glowing tails to go with the noses

- snow bunny suit (I think this is the same as the "snow babe" suggested above, but might include a bunny tail, possibly glowing?)

- faster yalms / speed upgrades

- Christmas Yalm paint

- Yalm Sleigh Kit

- Hovering Christmas pudding vehicle (like last year's pumpkinmobile)

- The Grind Security shirt like Bob and Obo.

- christmas pillows with mistletoe designs on them, possibly right-clickable for other designs like Santa Leet or a Christmas Gift.

- Chaimera Claus - Chai in a Santa Suit. He flies around in a gnarled old bobsled pulled by lizardheaded lion-goats.

- minibronto reindeer

- glittery rollerrats that look like christmas tree balls

- rocket-sleigh jetbike

- sleigh version of hoverchair

- menorah, yule log, and other alternate winter holiday items

- new emotes for the new engine, like /thriller, /hustle, /salsa, /runningman, /grind, /shimmy, /devilhorns, /headbang, /bounce (assuming the animation issues for current emotes are all settled and we actually have the new engine this Christmas)
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Postby Jezebelle » Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:30 pm

One more week of collecting ideas before the voting starts!

- Tarryk's T-shirt: One side says “Hi my name is Cuppycake” and the other says “If lost, please return to Sprklygrrl”

- “Elves are slave labor” T-Shirt

- Yalmaha bumper stickers (feel free to suggest specifics - this would also make great Dynamic Content some day)

- lump of coal (maybe it's a cheap energy source? use it to fuel a nano charger or a nano restoration buff?)

- BattleDeathShakeUp 13.3.7 multiplayer FPS game - in a box like Age of Colin, maybe?

- leet slippers - preferably shaped like leets, but that part can wait for the new engine.

- giant leet riding on the back of an even bigger rubber duckie

- pink flying shoulder pony

- cranio-rectal inversion hostile nano, GM/ARK only, lasts 24 hours in game, puts the target's buttocks where their helmet should be.

- Greater Piranhaclamp - I don't think the description in that old Vulgarbot skit actually says anything naughtier than Variable Friction Jelly and Pulsing Biotech Rod, but that's still naughtier than I'd normally suggest.

- Christmas mugs - eggnog in a Santa mug, for example, or any of those warm winter beverages mentioned above, like mulled cider in a wreath mug or spiced wine in a candy cane mug

- candy cane stockings that switch between red/white, red/green, and green/white

- Phasefront Banshee "Candy Cane"

- normal sized candy canes that come in a box of a dozen or so. Right-click to take one out and it's tradable, holdable, and the right size to suck on instead of playing lacrosse with.

- Christmas Robe - inverse of a Santa Suit, white with red collar, and permanent

- hand holdable cat-shaped pillow - like a Grinning Hunter lying down, but a little bigger than a leet doll, and preferably without the sharp pokey uncomfortable bits.

- gift bow "pasties" - a chest-slot item that covers just the nipples with colorful bows. Yeah, that might be over the line, but shade tattoos make it hard to tell exactly where the line is, so it's up to FC to decide that.

- for the New Naughty List Bikini that was suggested above, some possibilities are white with red ornament designs and green ribbon ties or green with red ribbon and silver/white gift boxes. Or holly or mistletoe or wreathes or candy canes.

- toy guns that shoot confetti or bubbles or glitter or something

- The box of cigars and two bottles of Cognac from all those Gift Wrapped Baskets, or maybe a special tool to open them with

- Red bustier like the Bunny Suit top

- satin camisole and matching frilly little skirt with fur trim - I'd suggest sheer and translucent, but that would require the new engine

- a parody of Spam. Call it "Sham" or something. A 28,000 year old can of processed meat product, hermetically sealed and still as fresh as it ever was.

- obsolete 20th century computers salvaged from various junkyards to use as space heaters for apartments - or run Age of Colin and BattleDeathShakeUp 13.3.7 on.

- peppermint candy bikini top - red and white swirls like a cross-section of a candy cane, to go with the candy cane tights. Like or

- throwable fruitcake grenades with area snare effect, or double-strength snare it you accidentally eat some

- coal black heckler named “Bah Humbug” - either a summoned pet or a hologram/morph for yourself

- sock puppets

- Santa Bag like last year, but with a Santa Leet peeking out

- red and white Christmas sparkle buff like an Adventurer damage shield (preferably AoE), maybe red, green and white, even

- big red bow to wear on the head like a Funny Arrow

- big red bow bikini

- misfit toys like the dancing santas

- elf costume like the one suggested last year, with separate pieces that each contribute a small scale multiplier, green boyshorts, bikini top, green version of the Santa Hat, and curly shoes (give or take a graphics engine)

- different Christmas candy, besides candy canes and gingerbread:
. gumdrops
. chocolate coins
. stale candy corn (possibly in unusual colors)
. ribbon candy
. popcorn strings
. peppermints
. roasted chestnuts
. candy apples
. jelly leets (like jelly babies, but leet shaped)
. chocolate raspberries and oranges (Kappa berries?)

- Christmas tattoos
. Christmas tree arm tattoo
. candy cane arm tattoo
. wreath around the arm like the barbed wire tattoo
. skull with a Santa hat arm tattoo

- Christmas eve snack tray: beefstick / hard salami / summer sausage with cheese and crackers and bowl of walnuts / assorted nuts

- A new fashion designer to compete with Miiir and Maria and maybe inspire them to design something new once in a while.

- color-changing or design-changing cloak

- batteries (use on other gifts from this/other years, to reduce their reuse timer/extend their duration)

- Sparkly rocks - placeable rocks like the Carbon Rich Rocks, but in assorted bright, preferably glittery, colors

- abominable snowman costume, or snowman for that matter

- Christmas tree backpack

- peppermint mocha
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Postby Jezebelle » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:19 am

And that's 107 entries in three weeks. Not bad. Not quite as much as the Halloween list, but more than enough. Now the voting begins. Go ahead and add more to this list if you like, but from this point on it won't get a fair vote. The email I send Funcom later will have a link back here, though, and I suspect at least one of them will come check out the whole brainstorming list.
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Postby Jezebelle » Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:48 am

A couple late entries came in tonight. That's fine. Keep 'em coming!

- wearable string of Christmas lights - possibly as a back item that wraps around here and there and doesn't cover much more than necessary. (If we have the new engine this Christmas, maybe the lights will even glow and sparkle?)

- bikini with tiny little blinking Christmas lights that spell out “Ho Ho Ho”

- castable fireplaces, like the placeable ones suggested above, but summoned like the campfires, preferably a bit longer lasting.

- apartment-placeable Christmas gifts, like the ones under the big trees in town that tell you to wait, but hopefully our own gifts would do something more fun when clicked on. Surprise us!

- Santa's Workshop - a workbench furniture item with tradeskill buffs, for sitting in your apartment, making toys and candy. There should also be a less Christmas-themed one for the rest of the year, of course, for weapons and armor and such. Maybe make it a container so you can leave your tools in it. Or store Tutoring devices in it and when you close it, it applies all the tutoring devices inside to you all at once. That way you could keep improving the buff to match your Tutoring skill and the advantage over just keeping them in a backpack would be using more than one at a time.
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Postby Jezebelle » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:00 pm

Okay, I'm a couple days late sending the email, but the Halloween event hasn't started yet, so I'm still roughly on the target I was aiming for. It took longer than I expected to find adequate reference photos for a lot of these ideas, and many of them I still couldn't find anything as close as I'd like.

If you have more ideas to add or have a different perspective on one of the ideas presented here, or a link to a better example photo, please feel free to post it. As you can see, the email I sent links right back to this thread in the first and last paragraphs, so it's likely someone at FC will come by and take a look at the whole list.

The next post is the email I just sent to
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Christmas 2010 ideas

Postby Jezebelle » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:01 pm

Here are the top 20 Christmas 2010 ideas submitted at GSP parties and forums, as voted by GSP DJs and Dancers. These are just our favorites out of 107 ideas that came up over three weeks, and the thread is still open, so more have appeared since. If you like these, please check out the whole brainstorming list at

1) candy cane stockings
The number one highest voted idea for this Christmas is a pair of stockings like the Wicked Tights from a few Halloweens ago, but in candy cane spirals that switch between red/white, red/green, and green/white. Maybe something like this: It's too bad the pelvis has to be part of the same item as the thighs and the feet the same item as the calves. Any chance the new engine will change that and allow thigh-high stockings to be worn with various skirts and/or shoes? Making it look decent in both engines would be the problem there, I guess. If that's not going to be plausible any time soon, I'd suggest something like the matching garter skirt and g-string in the second example for females and tights with shorts, like the old Halloween ones, for males and Atrox. And maybe it could set the feet default to continue the stockings down to pumps or shoes. Further down this list is a candy cane bikini top that would go well with this, and that made it into the top 20 separately. I drew an example of that and included these stockings as the bottom half of it. ... 670#159670

2) plaid pajamas
Warm, soft, cozy plaid flannel pajamas. Not overtly sexy, just very comfortable. Preferably one item that fits on either the chest or leg slots and sets those and the arms and feet unless overridden with some other item, much the way the 8th Anniversary Play Costume does. Christmassy red and green, heavy on the warm red, with a touch of white. Something like ... o/J815-RP/

3) various bikinis
These wouldn't have made the top 20 individually, but all together, they're #3. There's no clear consensus on any particular one, but it's pretty clear that something new is wanted, especially by those who missed the Naughty List Bikini. The top five new bikini ideas are:
- Shiny red ribbon around the top, just a single horizontal band, like the Miiir top, but narrower, without the vertical part. A big red bow or two. Matching shiny red panties, like an even narrower red version of Miiir's Gift Tape panties, perhaps with bows front and back. Like or this thong ... Thong.html with just a simple matching red ribbon around the top. The matching boxers could be matching red satin with a black belt or green and silver giftwrap with a red ribbon belt.
- snowflake bikini: pale blue with a snowflake pattern was one suggestion, like but skimpier. The more popular version was just big, white lace snowflakes tied on with some white string. I can't find a good reference photo of that, but it would be something like this: ... -P427.aspx , but with one large, white, opaque but sparse, strategically positioned snowflake. I drew one myself and posted it here: ... 604#159604 That one's a nanospray version, though, like applying miniature nanosprays from the snowflake machine to yourself. Add some silver straps to it, and it's a bikini instead. The matching boxers could be like that pale blue example. A snowflake wing back item was also suggested, like butterfly wings made of two big snowflakes each. That didn't get enough votes by itself, but it would go really well with any version of this bikini.
- gift bow pasties... You don't really need pics to explain that, do you? Just a couple bright, shiny red bows stuck on the front to cover the R-rated bits. No matching bottom or boxers were suggested, but these would go really well with that red ribbon thong. Or you could make them change colors so they also match Miiir's Gift Tape panties or the common White Bikini.
- new version of Naughty List Bikini: The old one has green trees on red panels with white straps, so how about shuffling those colors around? Red Christmas ball ornaments on white panels with green straps or a silver and white gift box design on green panels with red straps? Just one now and the other in a year or two, for everyone who misses this. The matching boxers would be similar parallels to the old ones in the new pattern.
- fur or fur-lined bikini: Nothing very specific was suggested, but personally I'd prefer that the description indicated faux leet fur. Nobody wants to wear a rollerrat or hyena bikini, but maybe predators or wolves. Or silvertails, but would those be opaque enough? There are lots of good examples for this: ... fur-bikini , ... ts_id=1283 , ... ntest.html The matching boxers might look like something Barbarians wear in Age of Conan.

4) sleigh jetbike
A version of this was requested last year, but I think the reindeer pulling it was asking too much. Numerous sleigh vehicles were suggested and two even made the top 20 separately. The Phasefront sleigh jetbike was the most popular. Here's a pic of an RK4 Santa Sleigh motorcycle: ... rHTfxrZ2bQ Update that by about 30,000 years, but in a similar style, and maybe add a Santa Leet co-pilot (or navigator like R2-D2, but I wouldn't trust their sense of direction). Maybe a bag of gifts on the back. Or maybe the leet is playing around in the bag of gifts, occasionally stealing one and running off any time it's parked.
The second most popular version of this idea was a sleigh hoverchair. It would have come in at #18 on this list, just above that three-way tie at the bottom of the list, so I just tacked it on here instead. This could work like the jack-o-lantern hoverchair from last Halloween, but of course we'd prefer something that lasts a little longer and is reusable. Here's a good example of what this version would look like: If that wireframe hint Means posted is, in fact, a new Halloween hoverchair, the jetbike would be better for something different.

5) Christmas GSP shirt
I try not to encourage GSP-centric ideas, but several scored a lot of votes this time around. Personally, I'd rather see Christmas items with a more general appeal, but if you feel like throwing in another GSP item, I definitely wouldn't mind. Anyway, this is a group effort now, not just my own personal wishlist, and the voters loved the idea of a new GSP T-shirt like the one William Robert gives out, but with the logo "wearing" a Santa hat and snow on the background. I trust no one needs example links to that.

6) naughty elf girl costume
A low cut, short, green velvet dress, a green version of the Santa hat, and green boots (preferably with curly toes in the new engine). Maybe some jingly silver bells here and there. Something like ... s-costume/ or ... e-Y302184/ A male/trox version could be the same tunic with tights.
The same "Elf Costume" I suggested last year was also requested again, but we don't need both at once. Separately, that would have been #11 on this list, and combining the votes for both, they'd be #1 by a small margin. The hat and shoes are the same as above, but instead of the tunic/short dress, last year's suggestion had green boyshorts and a bikini top for girls, a vest for boys and troxes. Like a shorts version of or a green version of ... stume.html The way the old engine handles miniskirts, they'd turn out to be shorts anyway, for now at least. Maybe make the female version a miniskirt in the new engine? Regardless of the shape, each piece should have a small scale multiplier, and maybe one of them also sets the character's height to "small", like the Santa Suit sets their weight to "large". The tunic/dress version got more votes this year, so maybe applying the scale/height modifier to that would be the best of both ideas.

7) sexy Mrs. Claus costume
The Santa Suit is warm and cozy and festive, but not terribly sexy. In fact, it's a bit too warm for dancing, especially on a desert planet that never gets any snow accumulation. I'm sure it's great in Penumbra, but those of us stuck on the surface would prefer something lighter, shorter, and sexier. And permanent. Temporary is fun for a robe that might be covering the Naughty List Bikini, but the nice slinky version shouldn't be so disposable. Something like this would be great ... e-Set.html For the males and troxes, a smaller version of the Santa Suit robe, maybe in satin, open at the front down to the belt, with the old Naughty List Boxers underneath.

8 (tied) yeti leet
Maybe as a new critter to catch and collect gifts from, or as a new random result for the Winter Leet Pet nano, or maybe both. This would be a taller than average leet with extra-large feet and a vaguely ape-like face. Probably grey, brown, and/or white, or assorted different colored versions. Maybe they even have some concealment skill. I tried to find a good reference photo here, but they all looked fake to me.

8 (tied) Chaimeramas beer
Another GSP-centric idea. Even some regular listeners wouldn't get this joke, but it would be a good excuse to explain it to them. Last winter, DJ Chaimera invented a new holiday called "Chaimeramas" and as far as I know, not much has been decided about it beyond a general excuse for drunken revelry and random debauchery, like a 300th century Bacchanalia. Official Chaimeramas Beer has even more health hazard warnings than XXX-Plumbo, and it's NOT green. It's like Arrogant Bastard Ale, but comes in an Atrox-shaped 40 oz. bottle (no sissy caps, just break the neck off and pour it down yours) or a gallon cardboard box economy size. Side effects may include inappropriate urination.

8 (tied) Tarryk's t-shirt
One side says “Hi! My name is Cuppycake” and the other says “If lost, please return to Sprklygrrl”. [edit: It's just "Sprkly" now.] Yes, it's another GSP-centric idea, and if you don't get it, you haven't been hanging out with and/or listening to GSP enough. Shame on you. Seriously though, a new item for one player is asking too much, even if it is for the guy who started this whole GSP thing. Apparently, it was just too funny to resist voting for. Maybe the new engine's proposed "dynamic content" will support individual custom items like that some day? (tm)?

11) warm winter beverage in a Christmas mug
Several similar items were suggested and votes for them came in both individually and in combinations, so I piled them all together. The basic idea is a warm, festive, traditional Christmas beverage in a pretty holiday-decorated mug. Maybe they're separate items and various beverages can be combined with different mugs. Or maybe the mug changes its picture and/or contents with a simple right-click. The mug designs might include Santa Claus, a candy cane or two, a Christmas tree, a snowman, an Antleet, a wreath, a snowflake, a stocking (with or without leet), a Yule log, anything like that. The suggested beverages were peppermint cocoa, eggnog, hot chocolate, mulled spiced wine and/or cider, and a hot toddy.

12 (tied) snow babe costume
This is a fairly vague one. It's basically any fairly sexy outfit that's still warm enough to play outside in the winter. Something in between Maria's Ski Outfit and the Naughty List Bikini with a touch of Santa Suit fur. Maybe something like that Winter Jacket from a few years ago, but half-zipped, enough to glimpse the Naughty List Bikini Top under it, with matching shorts and fur-lined boots and/or leg warmers. There are some good examples at the online costume websites, too, such as (minus the obvious Playboy trademarks) and ... B002GPMNJ8 The male/trox version would be nearly identical, maybe showing a little more arm or chest and a little less leg.

12 (tied) toy guns that shoot confetti or bubbles or something
A brightly colored little plastic toy gun that can be equipped as a social hand item and right-clicked to produce a stream of floating bubbles or a burst of confetti or some such. Maybe the bubble gun is a SMG like this one: ... E_GUN.html and the confetti one is a shotgun and the pistol is a water gun. Or just whichever is easiest for the old engine for this Christmas and a different one next Christmas that works better in the new engine.

14) headphones with reindeer antlers
Something just like the DJ Headphones, but with reindeer antlers on top, or skip the headphone part and just use the frame to hold the antlers on. Just like Antleets would be fine.

15 (tied) red bustier like the Bunny Suit top
Something just like the Bunny Body of Gridstream Productions, but red, is easy to describe. Something fancy, like the Vulcana top, but strapless, like the Bunny top, would be nice. Something like ... 8-022.html or ... String.php Or you could make it more Christmassy by adding some white lace or fur trim like This one would look a little silly on men or Atroxes, but that's okay. So does the Bunny Body.

15 (tied) satin camisole and matching frilly little skirt with fur trim
Two separate items that, when worn together, look like a babydoll nightie. The satin cups and matching thong are opaque, but the rest isn't quite. Whether that's an alpha channel or baked texture is up to the engine, but it will help make it look more like a skirt with panties under it than shorts. It should be a color we don't have enough of, like a nice deep purple or plum. The fur trim on the neckline doesn't have to be much. Maybe make the fur trim thick on top and strategically positioned instead of making the cups opaque. Maybe each piece can be right-clicked to adjust its height so that they don't meet in the middle if you want it to look separate. I don't know what a different non-female version of this would be, so the men and Atroxes could wear the same one for laughs or just give it to someone who makes it look better.
I had five different examples of things almost, but not quite, like that, but they've all gone 404 now. I drew one simple, opaque example, though. That's still available at ... 605#159605 And I just added in a transparency example at ... 550#174550

17) peppermint candy bikini top
A bikini top to go with the candy cane tights. Red and white swirls were specifically requested, like a cross-section of a candy cane or these candies . Something like ... iniset.jpg but in a spiral pattern. If the candy cane tights change color, I suppose these should change to the same colors. Like the other bikini tops, this really only works for women, but I don't see why men or Atroxes should't be able to wear one if they really want to. I know some who would really get a kick out of wearing them as hats, for example.
Again, I couldn't find just the right reference link for this, so I drew one. And then I couldn't decide on certain details, like the shoes, and whether the matching panties should be striped or solid, so there are two versions at ... 670#159670 There were also comments after it, like the suggestion to make the stripes wider than I drew them, which I think might be better, but I didn't go back and change it.

18 (tied) beer helmet
That's been suggested before, but it keeps coming up. Bonus points if it can be "filled" with various beverages as a tradeskill combination. Even better if it comes as a bare frame on a helmet and various drinkable items can be applied to it so that they appear in the two holders. I'm sure that would be a lot more complicated, though.

18 (tied) Chaimera Claus
One more GSP-centric idea, again probably just because it was too funny to not vote for. This one is DJ Chaimera in a Santa Suit flying around in a gnarled old bobsled pulled by lizardheaded lion-goats. You could replace some of those cargo ships we see landing on buildings now and then with this for the season. Not all of them, of course. The general stores still need shipments of non-alcoholic products. Maybe a 20% chance at any given time that one of the visible cargo ships will be Chaimera Claus. That might actually be amusing even for those who don't quite get the joke.

18 (tied) alternate winter holiday items
I don't hear much actual whining about the Christmas event being too focussed on one religion, since there's never any actual relation to the Christian holiday beyond the name. I do, however, hear mentions that it would be nice to give a nod to some other religions. Nothing big, just some little items for some other major religions. Call them paleoarchaeological artifacts or something. Place them all in your apartment and while you're there, the feeling of your core shifting as the source makes room for a new presence is only half as disturbing. Maybe a menorah, a yule log, a korsi (, a statue of Lord Pancha Ganapati ( or any other winter solstice celebration artifacts you care to look up. Disclaimer: I never heard of those last two until I just saw them on Wikipedia. I have no idea whether they'd be appropriate at all. That's what I think would be neat about this idea; getting some cultural exposure. Of course, it might be safer to stick to secular holidays to avoid offending anyone's religious ideas. The yule log would probably be a safe one and there's more to choose from if you expand beyond the solstice.

general notes:
Although a lot of the fashion ideas suggested were geared toward females, the "female only" and "not female" tags should be avoided if possible. Just making it look different, like the two Play Costumes is a good option. Making it obviously look better on one than the other is fine too, since sometimes looking silly is what you want. The problem is it's aggravating to keep deleting nice stuff you can't wear and can't give to someone who can. I'd love to see less of that "NoDrop" flag this year, but if that's not an option, then everyone should be able to wear what they get, even if it looks silly. And while I do understand the use of "NoDrop" to make event-exclusive items more special, as proof of your dedication to collecting the holiday loot, I think that could be accomplished with just a few of the items, and let the rest be traded and given as gifts to those who weren't able to attend.
There is, however, an exception. Gift Bow Pasties just don't make sense if you're allowed to go topless, so those probably should be "female only". Therefore they should be tradable, so those who can't wear them can give them to someone they want to see them on. If you feel it necessary to make bikinis or camisoles also "female only", please do the same for those.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you like some of these ideas. If you still want more ideas, don't forget to check out the rest of the brainstorming list at

- Jezebelle (RK1/RK2)
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Postby Eleanore69 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:45 pm

Thinking about an item to wear like the pumpkin light or devil/angel but with an animated snow globe. (just the ball without the support since it would be floating...) or with support if decorative items... but I'm just not much into decorative items because of that silly items limit in your homes.

The figure inside the ball could be a leet but I'm honestly sick of leets, I was thinking about a heckler looking funny because it's snowing or other creatures.

Or even better, making different snowglobes with various mobs, like eremites, tiigs, hecks and other unfriendly stuff we usualy meet at the wrong time instead of just one.

Just an exemple of what I'm thinking (it's terribly shoped and the support is still in that one I just didn't felt like editing it much, that was just to give the idea I got in mind in case you didn't get it correctly)

Postby Eleanore69 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:58 pm

I wasn't able to edit my post with a pic, so double post, just found this pic terribly crappy so I made a very fast edit looking more what I had in mind.


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