Life is not being kind

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Life is not being kind

Postby Tastyvixen » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:14 am

This vid sums up how I feel right now....

I'm not feeling well..... which normaly wouldn't stop me from DJing, but...

As most of you know when I first came out of retirement to work with the TSW group my old mixer board didn't handle it well. There was a lot of static if I even looked at the thing wrong. So, I bought a new one, that after a few weeks completely died. So, Xtrophic took it back to the store and they sent it off to the manufacturer, who still has it.

Meanwhile, I was missing DJing so much that I spent days trying to get my computer to work directly with my mic, no such luck. So, I dug out my old static ridden mixer board and did a work around so that I could use my mic without having to lay a finger on that board while DJing. It worked, for one weekend. Then the mixer board freaked out and output nothing but a loud screech. It is totally fried. :rant:

So, mixer board still in the shop and nothing but a gaming headset that doesn't sound good. At this point I'm not sure I will be DJing on Friday night but I may still make it. Xtrophic is going to try repairing my old Shure mic so at this point its still up in the air.

Just thought I should fill you all in as the situation. I hate not being able to make my shows. :(
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Re: Life is not being kind

Postby Dasch » Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:44 pm

Oh gods, that sucks.
Chin up, sounbds like it's fixable, just bloody annoying. You'll get there with it all. :)
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