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GridStream Services Uptime

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:18 pm
by Gridfan
GSP now have a professional Uptime Monitoring service, thanks to the awesome folks at UptimeRobot.

You might want to bookmark one or both of these URLs in case the forum is ever down and you can't reach this post. If you have any issues using any of these status pages please holler in the Tech Support forum here and I (Gridfan) will hammer on and fix what will need fixing so it works again.

  • The public GSP status page is at:

    It lists the status of all of GSPs own services/systems that is all part of the daily GSP "machine" one way or another.
    If you ever wonder if it's just your or not when something about GSP isn't working you can check using that URL.

  • But that's not all, GSP also relies on various 3rd party services/systems:

    Here you will find a list of Funcom's Game Login/In-game Chat/Website/Forum/IRC for both Anarchy Online and The Secret World, I've even thrown in Facebook and Twitter since that is also apparently one of those "things" the kids use these days.