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GridStream Webplayer 5.10

Postby Gridfan » Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:09 pm

GridStream Webplayer™ is a custom player created for the purpose of easily tuning in to GridStream Productions™ Internet Radio channels. It is very minimalistic, simple to use (hopefully), and has a few GridStream specific features that can enhance your enjoyment of tuning in. It is basically just a play button.

Using it is very simple, just go to the GridStream Tune In page at, and there it is. No installation, no Java or Flash or odd plugins needed. Our Webplayer leverages the latest in Web Audio technology.

You need a modern browser to be able to fully make use of see the post below for details on which browser has full support for the Webplayer.
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Additional Information

Postby Gridfan » Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:11 pm

If a browser is missing or the info is wrong, then please make a post in the tech forum and the list will be updated/fixed.

Please note that while the Webplayer itself might work, the stream itself may or may not work depending on a few factors. The Webplayer have been tested on various browsers, trying to connect to a SHOUTcast v1 server with a AAC+ stream.

Works on these browsers (tested):
  • Chrome (v40 and later)
  • Firefox (v45 and later)
  • Opera (v42 and later)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Vivaldi (v1 and later)

Does not work on these browsers (tested):
  • Anarchy Online in-game browser (Awesomium)
  • Firefox (v44 and earlier), player works but not with AAC(+) streams
  • Internet Explorer (Trident engine), looks ok in IE11 but does not play.
  • The Secret World in-game browser (Awesomium)

Not tested on these browsers:
  • Safari (should work fine on latest versions)
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GridStream Webplayer Changes

Postby Gridfan » Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:53 am

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v5.10 2018-03-11:
Remember that poll a year ago regarding the player icon? There's a new player icon now.
The welcome page is it's own url now, should avoid possible future browser caching conflicts.

v5.9 2018-03-08:
Managed to screw up the launch redirect, it should now be fixed.

v5.8 2018-03-08:
Optimized the HTML some and removed a div.
Tweaked the CSS a little and improved spacing to get rid of a song history scrolling that activated when it shouldn't.
Removed the need for a cookie to track the current version of the webplayer.
Improved the Info & Help tune in section, now it looks the same as on this welcome page.
Volume now defaults to 0 dB.

v5.7 2018-02-25:
Got rid of some polyfill, IE11 is now pretty much the minimum requirement.
Modernised some of the code.
Updated to support the new streaminfo version.
Added support for multiple codecs and bitrates.
Added user option to switch codec and bitrate.
Created a icon for the new codec button.
Changed playlist icon and both notification icons to fit the color scheme better.
Added skin color support and switch button.
Tweaked the colors of the clock icon.
Improved the "Info & Help" mini-manual.

v5.6 2017-12-25:
Put CSS code that was shared between welcome text and player in a single style file.
Moved images to a new path.
Tweaked the border color on buttons, and border and background color of input fields.

v5.5 2017-11-04:
Removed some CSS code that was not needed.
Added a two layered background to the player.
Made text and input fields and buttons slightly transparent to add subliminal depth to the UI.
Changed the GSP star image to a higher resolution.
Images are no longer embed.

v5.4 2017-10-03:
Redid the layout, no more scrollbar.
Play button moved to upper left, volume and notify to the upper right.
Twitter widget removed.
Request/message input box made wider.
Stream server urls remembered, in the event the GSP server can't be reached the player should still work.
Moved volume and duration info to the top right.
Twemoji artwork modified and adapted for GSP webplayer use.
Long show name, location or artist/song name will now scroll. If the text is short there will be no scrolling.
Images embed into page to speed up loading of the player.
New artwork for GSP SWEEP, PSA, TALK LIVE, PROMO, and new temporary artwork for artists.

v5.3 2017-08-20:
Tweaked the CSS some. Now the 9th history line is not cut off on mobile.
Twitter widget iframe not cut off any more.
Changed the radio emoji on the left of the GridStream name to the GridStream cogwheel star instead.
Fixed a potential bug with showing artist names.
Redid the fetching of song data from the GSP server, it's now way better implemented and robust against temporary server glitches.

v5.2 2017-07-31:
Fixed a CSS bug, and the location info when it's available is now centered.
Made the fallback artist circle letters slightly smaller.
Added background color to history line icons, and centered the icons within their new color boxes.
Made the fallback artist box square, made it two lines with emoji on first line and text on second.
Re-arranged the code some, added some extra failure checks.
Fixed a bias in procedurally generated artist name background color algorithm, colors should be more varied now.
Added a pixel wide border around icon boxes. And added a edge around all text to make the text look sharper.

v5.1 2017-07-03:
Removed some left over code from 4.1 that was no longer needed.
Added automatic AO, TSW, SWL icons/logos for the location text.
Some browsers on mobiles try to be helpfull and boost the size of text, added a tweak that hopefully mitgate this.
Added GSP logos for current track and colored circles for artists if there is no artist artwork.

v5.0 2017-07-01:
Player redesigned to use advanced scaling, requires a modern browser.
Changed to using textContent as older versions of Firefox do not support innerText.
Changed the way the player is launched.
The first time the player is launched or if a new version is loaded a list of latest changes are shown.
The player is launched the first time it is loaded by clicking the Launch Player button (reset on each update).
The following times the player is loaded from the browser cache and the welcome message and version changes are not shown nor is there a need to launch the player as it is already launched/pre-loaded by the browser cache.

v4.1 2017-06-15:
Added support for Web notifications. A new button has been added to toggle this.
Minor code tweaks.
Removed a leftover html tag.

v4.0 2017-06-06:
The location info got stuck on the previous show location info instead of being set blank when there is a playlist.
Webplayer page title now shows the current song name.
A more advanced streaminfo standard have been created and has replaced the old streamtitle standard.
Added mediasession notification support for better display of info on mobiles (Chrome/Firefox).
Player now loads up with the current song history if provided by the server.
Multiple stream servers supported with automatic cycling in case of reconnects.
Stream server IDs and status info (stream is up or down) is supported.
Duration of songs in the song history are calculated and displayed when available.
Tweet image and StreamLicensing seal no longer embed. Tweet image only loads if Twitter frame is enabled.
The ugly StreamLicensing seal has been moved to the very bottom of the page.
IRC directory link removed, it did not really belong in the player.
Redesigned the player, should be more mobile friendly now.
Added volume buttons, the selected volume is saved.
History list is now 10 including the current track.
Fixed a issue where IE11 would spam the server when unable to play the stream, which is always the case with a AAC(+) steam.
Player prettied up a little with Emoji, colors and style may vary between browsers.
The player recognises special GSP titles, different Emojis are shown when these are detected.
The player recognises if there is a playlist or a live show, a playlist gets a list Emoji and a live show get two bunny girls Emoji, because.
Request form integrated into the player instead of residing in a iframe.
Show song artwork for GSP SWEEP etc, and a generic for artists. (dropped for now, emojis used instead)

v3.1 2017-01-14:
Just a version bump to indicate the Webplayer is working on Chrome 55+ and Opera.

v3.0 2016-03-21:
Redesigned the player so that it scales better with various display sizes than previously.
The browser now remembers if the REQUEST or TWITTER panels are shown or not next time you use the player.
Removed Twitter panel header and footer.
Added "Tweet @Gridstream" and "Follow" buttons for Twitter panel.
Re-arranged various UI elements.

v2.1 2015-07-29:
Changed the player test to match the stream type being used.
Created high resolution icons that will be used if you Pin the Webplayer to the taskbar or desktop as a web app.
Adjusted the height of the song history (Firefox showed scrollbars too early).
Changed the info text a little.

v2.0 2015-07-22:
The player is now able to reconnect in case there are stream or decoding issues.
The current state of the player is now shown where the playtime can be seen.
Added a Universal Time clock.
Changed the text/wording a little.
Lots of various tweaks to the player.
Tweaked the colors some.

v1.5 2015-07-12:
Some minor tweaks.
Will now inform about the stream being down, if that should happen.

v1.4 2015-07-03:
Some minor tweaks.
Should now work with Microsoft Edge (project Spartan) browser.

v1.3 2015-07-01:
Some minor tweaks.
And optional Twitter feed.

v1.2 2015-06-29:
Improved the detection of HTML5 audio support (or the lack of it). Song info should now also work on old browsers that do not handle HTML5 Audio. (TSW/AO in-game browser, old mobiles/tablets)

v1.1 2015-06-28:
Some may have had buffering issues if they pressed play and pause and play again, causing a large timeshift to occur. Now pressing Play creates the player anew and Pause tears it down fully.
Plus some minor tweaks.

v1.0 2015-06-27:
First release.
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GridStream Webplayer 5.10

Postby Gridfan » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:11 pm

v5.10 2018-03-11:
Remember that poll a year ago regarding the player icon? There's a new player icon now.
The welcome page is it's own url now, should avoid possible future browser caching conflicts.
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