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GridStream Player 5.1

Postby Gridfan » Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:00 pm

GridStream Player™ is a custom player created for the purpose of easily tuning in to GridStream Productions™ Internet Radio. It is very minimalistic, simple to use (hopefully), and has several GridStream specific features that can enhance your enjoyment of tuning in. It is basically just a moveable loudness/VU meter.

Installation is simple, just go to the GridStream Player page, click the download link. Then just run the player. By default the player will inform you of any future updates, in addition this thread will also be updated with details about new updates of the player when available.

  • Windows 6.x (Vista, 2008, Windows 7, 2008R2, Windows 8, 2012, Windows 10) or compatible. Windows 7 or later recommended.
  • DirectX 9+ compatible sound and graphics.
  • Internet connection (broadband advised).
  • 4MB+ available RAM (actual memory use depends on what features are used, skin, and OS version and components).
  • x86 CPU 100Mhz+ (or x64 CPU and OS with 32bit support) or better CPU. ~2MB or more available disk space.
  • Speakers/Headphones if you want to hear music, plus a sense of humor!
  • Multitasking friendly, minimalistic, multi-monitor support, optimized for low CPU/resource/memory use.
  • Touchpad/touchscreen and alternative input friendly, parts of the player is designed for quick pointing/clicking.
  • Roaming profile compliant, Vista/7/8/10 admin or standard user compliant.
  • Should be able to take advantage of multi-core CPU's depending on the OS, several features of the player have their own threads.
  • All player windows have desktop clipping, moving them outside the screen will snap them to the edge when let go again.
  • Preferences window allowing you to customize several features of the player.
  • Automatic station info updating, ensure station info is up to date, periodic checks.
  • If player/vumeter is minimized then the vumeter is put in a reduced performance mode to conserve CPU cycles.
  • Stats window with details like days/hrs since the player was started and last connect/reconnect, achieved FPS rate, and more. The position, size, and open state of window is remembered.
  • Info window, position, size, and open state are remembered. Song history that shows playtime, and when a song was started, the duration of a song, and the Max Headroom of a song.
  • Automatically (re-)tunes to the stream. Will also retry each server (if multiple relays) several times before trying the next, if they all fail the server list is re-fetched in case the servers have been changed.
  • Version check at player start (optional), with download prompt, manual check also possible with prompt/result. DirectVersionCheck support.
  • Stream Recorder, never miss a show again just because you could not be there. Start time and end time selection, and even instant manual record. Choose where to save, the stream is dumped raw in the same format as it is broadcast (there is no title/artist/duration details). Datestamped session file names. Can be played in most media players.
  • Player popup menu with link to Manual, link to station website, and more.
  • Mostly asynchronous, the player can be interacted with while it is still connecting/playing.
  • Simple installation, no additional dependencies or extra files needed.
  • Live RMS measurement of stream audio, headroom stats.
  • Stream support for the new web audio standard Ogg Opus.
  • Sticky Window, Mute Volume, 32Bit audio decoding/playback, automatic volume adjustment, and much more...
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Additional Information

Postby Gridfan » Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:01 pm

Virus/Malware Scans for v5.1:
The installer, uninstaller, player executable and the dlls it makes use of (4 of them) are all checked and are clean. Below is a list of the check done by VirusTotal, some of the files have false positives but are clean.

The player is written using a programming language, and unsurprisingly malicious software are also written using a programming language, as is your anti-virus scanner and Operating System as well. Anti-virus and anti-malware software uses "signatures" or looks at parts of the executable (profiling) and will sometimes assume something nasty is there despite there not being anything, or something might be missing that they expected to always be there.

To use an analogy, just because the letter "d" is in the word "dangerous" does not mean that all words with the letter "d" is also the same word as "dangerous". Many virus scanners use heuristics to try and detect so far new or unknown viruses, unfortunately they guess wrong at times and we get false positives.

The suggested way to handle a false positive is to notify those that make the anti-virus software, this might be possible in the software itself or a via a form on their website where you can submit a executable that need to be looked at closer. After they have done a re-evaluation of it they will (normally) update the signature database and the false positive should go away.

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GridStream Player 5.1 released

Postby Gridfan » Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:16 am

v5.1.0.0 2017-01-26 The Nordling Edition
  • Windows Vista or later required.
  • Fallback urls should now work as intended rather than be ignored.
  • Recompressed the icon images and assembled the main executable program icon using my own icon tool, shaved off around 10KB.
  • The prefs window was being drawn twice when opened, now it only does it once.
  • Moving the mouse over the mute button in the player menu sent change notifications to the tray menu when it shouldn't, wasting CPU.
  • Moving the mouse over the modee button in the prefs window sent change notifications to the tray menu when it shouldn't, wasting CPU.
  • The prefs window was being drawn twice when opened, now it only does it once.
  • Trayicon option added to prefs window, those who hate cluttered notification trays can now remove it.
  • Preview thumbnail now have a Mute, Auto, Preset 1 and Preset 2 button on Windows 7 and later.
  • Thanks to improvements in WebP compression I was able to recompress all images and get a 4.37% size reduction saving 8KB.
  • The main menu icon for Mute had the same text for muted and unmuted, now the text differs.
  • Recorder had graphic buttons included from a v5.0 alpha but was never used, removed these useless images from the installer saving about 22KB.
  • Updated the included font Source Sans Pro to v2.020, more characters supported.
  • Removed GridStream Player.ico from program folder as it's no longer used by anything, saving around 41KB.
  • bass.dll updated to v2.4.12.15 Virustotal scan (2 false positives)
  • bassopus.dll updated to v2.4.1.9 Virustotal scan (1 false positives)
  • bass_aac.dll updated to v2.4.5.5 Virustotal scan (0 false positve)
  • libwebpdecoder.dll updated to v0.5.2 Virustotal scan (0 false positve)
  • Compiled with PureBasic 5.51
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