Swinging into September

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Swinging into September

Postby Gemmikins » Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:30 am

Yo ho yo ho a pirates post for me! That's right it's September and that can only mean Talk Like a Pirate's Day is coming up! This year GSP and ARK will be partying on Saturday 16th September in Reets Retreat on the Glass Dance Floor. Join DJ Gemmikins at 3pm Eastern/7pm UTC for liveness and piratey goodness and booty!

Along with September we are cruising away from Summer into Autumn and soon to Halloween! We expect you to enjoy the fall and come up with some funky parties and hope to be your hosts in the ghoulish get togethers.

Summer to Fall means a change, and GSP is no exception to that around here. Firstly GSP will no longer be using Streamlicensing starting 18th September and will now be a station in the SoniXCast Broadcasting Network. We told you last month that we were experiencing issues streaming and have seen no positive changes yet so we have switched providers and bring you good news with the fact we will be under a freer reign on what we can do as DJs. That means no real limitations on playing music and artists, no issue with announcing what artists we have up next and a faster turn around in requests for you all. All in all thanks Canada for being freer to us and "As Canadian as reasonable under the circumstances."

Secondly Gemmikins is swamped with RL at present and is sad to say that after DJing the Pirate Day Party she will be back to a hiatus and ninja show schedule, she hopes to be back on track soon but is unsure how the rest of the year will go and is sorry for the lack of shows the last few weeks.

As always thank you for listening and we hope the changes will bring more delights to your ears!
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