Sliding into September

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Sliding into September

Postby Gemmikins » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:14 am

So we're back for a September news update! August flew by with holidays and sunshine in the Northern Hemisphere and rain and snow forcing hibernation and gaming in the Southern half, so what does September hold for us here at GSP?

Well we have to say a fond farewell to DJ Kriegshammer, RL has caught up to him and he now has a mini metal missy to train and care for in the ways of the metal Gods! He will be missed but we hope to see him around in the future.

September is a time for pirates and rum and on the 17th GSP & ARK will be hosting the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day event in Reets Retreat, bring your rum and your wenches and come party with us for 3 hours of fun and pirate themed goodness! We will also hopefully being doing an event TSW side on the 19th to celebrate there the wonders of pirates and booty and rum!

Gemmikins will also be hosting a birthday party on Saturday 3rd, join her at 4pm Eastern/9pm UTC for a mix of metal/jazz and disco on the Glass Dance Floor in AO!

Lastly we have Cabal Pride coming up next month! Join Katelin, Nine Swords and DJ Lia for a variety of music, goodies and the chance to join a cabal you call home. 

Finally GSP needs new DJs to join us too! So if you think you have what it takes feel free to speak to one of our DJs or via the forums to find out more and stay tuned for our own recruitment drive later on this month and possibly into October!

And as always we appreciate you all for being part of the GSP community.
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