Tricks and Treats and Sinister Spooky Soirees

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Tricks and Treats and Sinister Spooky Soirees

Postby Gemmikins » Sun Oct 10, 2021 3:44 am

October has started on a sad note with the loss of ARK Asheal, thank you to all those who joined us for the event. Links to the stream and playlist for the event are included in the post on the forums
As October progresses we have events like every weekend so we welcome you to come join in on all the tricks and treats as we go.
16th October is the first look at the Back To Nature Tour, Gemmikins will be hosting this event at 2pm Eastern/6pm UTC. We will be joined by ARK Gerra who will be assisting in showing off this Tour to you all.
23rd October starts off the Halloween Soirees and Parties. Gemmikins will be starting off the spooky soirees out in Coast of Tranquility at 1671.6, 1680.2, 65.2 for some terrifying tunes, tricks, treats and party games.
There will also be Saavick's Tour on the 23rd October at 3pm Eastern, Saavick and Gerra will be bringing you the wonders of the tour and invite you to come and see the second of the tours added to the rotation!
Then on the 24th Gemmikins will be hosting the ARK Scarily Awesome Halloween Event. The party will be down at the ICC Assembly Hall, waypoint 3334x952x655. Join the ARK team and Gemmikins for 4 hours of fun
starting at 2pm Eastern/6pm UTC.
Then we will be onto Halloween weekend. There will be numerous parties across the Halloween weekend starting on the 29th so stay tuned to your radio station and social media for all ninja's and special spooky shows.
There will be tricks and treats and games across the weekend so keep your eyes and ears open for all things going on.
On the 30th DJ's Screaminfu, Gemmikins and Shigy will be bringing you Valheru Ascendants Creepy Crawlin' Spooky Skeletons 10th Annual RK5 "Halloween BOO Bash and Blood Drive!”.
Join them down at the Coast of Peace in the tree and grassy area North the Grid from 4 pm Eastern/8pm UTC. GSP will be partying until 11pm Eastern/3am UTC but Valheru Ascendants intend to keep the party going
until after the witching hour (1am Eastern/5am UTC). There will be the annual blood drive so get your backpacks of monster parts ready, trivia, costume contests and hide and seek. Come get ready for some awesome
spooky fun.
Lastly MMOATP is on Halloween this year so we will be making it an extra spooky surprise show for you all along with additional liveness just to give out some extra tricks and treats.
As always thank you for listening to us and we aim to bring you some sinister fun this October and hope to see you at the events to come. Be safe out there as always!
Tomorrow is another day for tainting and corrupting more innocent souls :)

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