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2020 GSP

Postby Gemmikins » Sun Apr 19, 2020 6:22 pm

Well welcome to the end of the first quarter of 2020 and good lord what a start to this year! Did someone misread 2020 as the end of the world instead of 2012? So with that being said let's hope the last 9 months are less eventful and full of more togetherness and partying!

So far we are prepping for parties a little later in the year especially as GridStream Productions is turning the big 18 this year! That's right 18 long years we have been streaming and assaulting your ear holes. We have a few things rolling at present and if you have some ideas on what you would like to see please reach out to Gemmikins either via the GSP Facebook page, Discord or email at intunewithgemmikins@gmail.com.

We've seen some interest in becoming a DJ too. If you are interested in being a DJ please reach out to Shigy or Gemmikins and do come down to the shows when you can! We love to see new staff for either AO or TSW/SWL.

If you have suggestions on events or new promos you can always reach out to the GSP team as well. We love new content and hosting parties and generally bringing more of you together.

As always you are welcome to join the GSP Discord and hangout with us! Thanks for always listening and supporting us!
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