Happy Valentines & 2019!

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Happy Valentines & 2019!

Postby Gemmikins » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:08 pm

Well we took a break from updates over the holidays. We were all busy with life and rolling into 2019! I hope your year has started well and January hasn't gotten you down yet. We have some events in the works coming to you in the next month or so so stick around for those.

ARK are going to be hosting their Valentines Day event on February 16th. The party will be 2pm Eastern to 6pm so come down and join them and DJ Gemmikins on the streets of Borealis for the party goodness and some prizes!

As we roll into March the Crimson Assassins will be joining us for a Recruitment drive to help bolster their ranks. Feel free to come down, ask questions, join up with Crimson Assassins and overall party with GSP. The party will be on the Glass Dancefloor of Reets Retreat starting at 12pm Eastern and going for 3 hours on Saturday March 2nd.

The Green Cloaks are still having us host their events too. Come join them bi-monthly on the first Saturday of the month, the next session will be in the Fireplace of Reets Retreat the 2nd March after the Crimson Assassins' Event.

GSP are still looking for DJs aswell so if that is something you might be interested feel free to come down to our shows, speak to DJs and socalises with us so we get to know you. Then feel free to message Shigy or Gemmikins and we can assist you in getting your application process started!

Other than that be safe and thanks for listening!
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