Arriving into August

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Arriving into August

Postby Gemmikins » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:54 pm

Hopefully all of you listeners are keeping cool in the Northern hemisphere and warm in the Southern parts. Most of us here at GSP have been enjoying our holidays and summer time, going on trips away and just generally enjoying the weather and time with family and friends. We're sorry for the sporadic shows lately but hopefully as we cruise through the remainder of this year we'll get more shows.

That being said we have news about our shows at present. You may notice missing shows or shows that are heavily restricted on what is being played and that requests we receive from you may not be something we can play, we're not doing this on purpose we have reasoning behind it. At present GSP runs with Streamlicensing as a provider, sadly they have lost their license with ASCAP at the moment due to breaching of license and on payment obligation. At the moment Streamlicensing is trying to reassure us and it's other customers on how they are working on amending this however what that means for us is a limited choice on what we cannot play on the air and in our playlists. Currently we are going through our music collection against a database and we are going to be limited for as long as this goes on or until we have a new streaming identity to use.

So what does that mean for you? Well it means you'll still get potential liveness but our staff may be limited on what we can potentially play and may not be able to fulfill requests at this time. We are hoping this will be a shorter resolution period but it's a little bleak at this time. So bear with us and hopefully things will be better later on this year.

Lastly we have events coming up for you guys! Talk like a Pirate Day will be happening in September with ARK hosting it. We will bring more details as we get that finalised and secondly we will likely have more Halloween events to come for you as we get into October, now is the time to start getting those requests in for us to host before we are used by others!

Thank you all for listening and stay tuned for more information!
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