Mission/Disclaimer Statement and How To Join

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Mission/Disclaimer Statement and How To Join

Postby Innari » Thu Aug 04, 2005 4:43 am

Mission Statement / Disclaimer

The GSP Dancers Organization was formed as a support organization for Gridstream Productions, the #1 Radio Station on Rubi-Ka. Our purpose is to provide support for the GSP DJs and their organization in all of their endeavors. Whether it is just getting people pumped up at regular shows, or running activities during a major GSP event, our goal is to work with the DJs to serve all of Rubi-Ka.

That being said, the GSP Dancers do not engage in sexually promiscuous activities and doing such is considered a dismissable offense. We do not tolerate tarnishing the name of the Dancers, much less the name of Gridstream Productions based on our behavior. Even though we are not officially affiliated with Gridstream, we are considered by many to be a major part of the interaction. Because we do have GSP in our Organization name, we are responsible for keeping the name clean.

Because we can't control the opinions of every player on Rubi-Ka, we have determined it is best that players wishing to join the GSP Dancers be a minimum of age 18. This is for the protection of those players who do fall under that age. In the event of opinions being made public about the purpose of the organization (other than what is outlined here) or a rumor crop up, we do not want members of the organization being under age, as it can result in legal liability.

How To Join the GSP Dancers

Please send Vallikat, on Atlantean or Rimor, a message via the forums or an in-game /tell to set up an interview. The interviews are not expected to take a long time. She will respond to all requests within a resonable time frame, as well as the results from interviews.
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