Christmas 2018 Brainstorming

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Christmas 2018 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:09 am

The shelves are full of pumpkin spice Twinkies and pumpkin-shaped Reese's, so it must be time for Christmas ideas! In mid-Spetember! At least it's cooled down a little this week, but that was probably some hurricane's fault or something. Maybe it's not so bad having such reliable, predictable weather in-game. Maybe I should work on getting to those Carpathians to get in the Christmas frame of mind.

As usual, I'm going to be collecting ideas for both SWL and AO, even though AO just got a big Anniversary update, so I'm not expecting a whole lot there. There might be a couple new little things, though. And SWL will most likely get The Christmas Conspiracy back, plus some new cache, probably. Big ideas can still go in the list, of course. Whatever they don't have time for now, can always be saved for later. Ideas are always better than none.

There is no contest involved, and I'm not even keeping track of which idea is whose, because the best ones tend to be collaborations anyway. That's why I prefer collecting ideas at shows. Batting them around a bit and adding details and inspiring each other for more ideas is what brainstorming is about. Of course, sometimes ideas come up at inconvenient times, and if you think of something between shows and just want to get it written down before you forget, you can post it here in this thread or send it to me in a PM, or on the FC forums, or Facebook, or Twitter or whatever. I'll bring it up at a show later for the interactive bit.

The rules:

1) Don't infringe anyone else's Intellectual Property. There are Fair Use exceptions for parody and such, and oblique references are fine, but a direct copy of someone else's IP isn't going to happen. Grey areas are not worth the trouble of getting lawyers involved.

2) Items should be social in nature rather than providing a gameplay advantage. Minor conveniences and average gear, on par with the items we've had in previous years, are fine because that still comes out to a cosmetic difference from what's normally available.

3) Keep it within the game's rating and rules. Clothing can be pretty skimpy, like the various bikinis we already have, but remember, only monsters go to "clothing optional" beaches. Ingesting drugs or alcohol, including tobacco, is similarly prohibited. I don't recall anyone suggesting anything patently offensive in the past, but if even suggesting it would be against he EULA, it's probably not very Christmassy anyway. Then again... Krampus. So, you know. "Christmassy" is relative. We can leave the grey areas in on this one and let FC make the call.

4) New ideas are preferred. If you want to go back to last year's thread and copy one or two favorites, because they're still your favorite ideas, go ahead. I'll probably be doing that myself toward the end. Don't just paste the whole thread here, though. Similarly, please look over this thread before you add to it, to make sure someone else hasn't already said the same thing. (Just write your idea down first so you don't get distracted by all the shinies and forget yours.) If there's already something similar, adding some details and/or options to it is always good.

5) Contributing ideas to this list is understood to be freely, anonymously, contributing unsolicited ideas for FunCom to use or not, in whole or in part, as they see fit. Even if they end up using your original creation verbatim, by submitting your idea here, you're suggesting they do so and giving them the requisite rights to use your idea. It's kind of the whole point here. If you would prefer to sign your name to your idea and send it in yourself, you can just go to FunCom's forums or feedback form and do that.

Here are the lists from previous years, in case you want to copy some old favorites or browse for some inspiration for new ideas:

Christmas 2017
Christmas 2016
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2014
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2012 (thread is M.I.A.?)
Christmas 2011
Christmas 2010

The schedule:

Sep. 14 - Sep. 30 - (two weeks) I'll be collecting Christmas ideas at all the GSP shows I can get to and posting them in this thread. I'll collect any ideas sent to me on forums, FaceBook, Twitter, or replies to this thread to also discuss at the shows.

Oct. 1 - Oct. 7 - (one week) GSP DJs, Staff, and Dancers vote on their favorite ideas, just to choose the order I'll list them in and decide which I'll spend a little more time detailing.

Oct. 8 - Oct. 15 - (one week) I'll write up the top 20 ideas in a big, detailed suggestion list with links to reference art, attach the remainder as additional brainstorming, and mail it to FunCom with a link back to this thread, in case they want to see any additional discussion we have about it here.

some time mid-October - FC normally starts planning the event roughly two months ahead to have time to plan, design, create, implement, test, and debug the new items and events. We should have the Christmas ideas to them before they're done making Halloween, so when they're ready to start planning Christmas they'll have just gotten our list.

Dec 18-19 - the AO Christmas event starts "usually" the Tuesday before Christmas, but Christmas is a Tuesday this week. SWL will surely add something new that needs patching, but often starts their events about a week after AO, which would, in this case, be *on* Christmas. So my guess is they'll be starting only a day apart, and both will still run though New Year's, completely overlapping. Either that, or AO's event starts on the 11th and runs for four weeks. It's hard to guess what the exact schedule will be before they even decide what they're doing, so I'll just aim for early.
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Re: Christmas 2018 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:51 pm

1) [SWL] sleigh hoverboard
- reindeer pulled sleigh sprint, with a sleigh to ride in - probably too complicated, but it's an idea

2) [SWL] H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society – Death to the World, to play in shops and radios during the Christmas event, or at least carolers wandering about and spouting eerie variations of carols in NPC chat

3) [both] the Gavle Goat
- like the Beehemoth, the devs and GMs set them up somewhere in Agartha and we come burn them down
- to make it a "goat burning competition", maybe the ones who do the most damage to it get an extra piece of candy or whatever, but it shouldn’t be pointless for casual and social players to participate

4) [SWL] something based in Kaidan themed around the Japanese Christmas tradition of Kentucky Fried Chicken
- ... 161666960/
- Dante in a half-ghoulish half-Japanese mockery of The Colonel's costume, selling Brigadier General Dante’s Country Fried Akab. Now in regular and extra tasty crispy!

5) [SWL] more Barrel Hounds
- different versions with different contents of the barrels
- a barrel puppy swarm, like three of them that frolic around you and play, as long as they don't chase the fireballs you throw

6) [AO] a way to get lowbies to Santa Leet's Workshop and back
- put a catapult in ICC that Santa Leet can fling newbies to MeetMeDere with, and retune the exit teleporter to drop you somewhere in ICC
- put a Santa Leet in MeetMeDere so we only have to run all the way across Newland Desert once

7) [both] tiny mouse-sized pets
- mini-leet
- mini-swiftwind / tiny pony
- little dancing fairy

8) [both] red and green pasties
- with tassels
- glowing
- with christmas lights
- shiny hemispheres, like Christmas Tree balls

9) [both] xmas thigh-highs and/or leggings, like AO's Halloween ones
- candy stripe, in traditional peppermint red and white, green and red, or green, white and red
- white with white lace with red back seam and bow
- black with white lace, like Santa's boots
- green stockings with red details

10) [both] strappy stripey candy cane bikini
- viewtopic.php?f=23&t=21449&start=20#p226775

11) [both] wearable cookie frosting
- the same frosting we put on gingerbread cookies in AO, as a chest item

12) [both] Christmas Frank N. Furter (male and female versions)
- white fur-lined black leather above the knee boots
- black fishnet stockings
- black booty shorts
- black leather corset with white fur trim and silver details

13) [SWL] assault rifle with a freeze ray that charges up instead of grenades

14) [SWL] bring back The Christmas Conspiracy, please, if you weren't planning to already
- and perhaps make it easier to keep the flute without having to pause the mission

15) [SWL] new Arctic Circle mission
- perhaps a corollary to The Christmas Conspiracy
- maybe reusing some of the assets from Amundsen's expedition

16) [AO] Krampus-like horned mutants that chase the wild Christmas leets

17) [SWL] festive weapon skins
- Sword: icicle swords, or candy canes, like when you suck one end down to a point
- Hammer: candy cane hammer or giant Salvation Army Santa bell
– Fist: fist full of small candy canes like they sell in a box, or tied onto the back of your hand with a gift wrap ribbon, or icicle spikes on a frosted red and white glove
- Chaos: pie with crust on top so you can't tell what's in it, maybe little holly designs on the crust, or maybe just a giant red gift bow, possibly dripping with blood
- Blood Magic: Bettie Kruger's Cursed Cookie recipe book? Grimm's Yuletide Tales? Or maybe it's still giftwrapped
- Shotgun: a pump action candy cane?
- Rifle: Red Ryder BB Gun with a red bow on it
- Pistol: two candy canes

18) [both] Christmas Kilts
- red and green with a couple of jingling silver bells on the sporran

19) [AO] new effects gizmos
- red and green particle fountain like 1HB or Treatment Expertise effects
- Red / Green Slow Spheres - “Slow spheres form several pulses, slowly bursting outward”

20) [both] "naughty" and "nice" outfits
- corset or bustier, matching panties, garter belt, thigh-high stockings, high heels, long gloves, all in either white lace or black leather

21) [both] "Nice List" outfit to go with the "Naughty List bikini"
- and the "Naughty List Bikini" coped to SWL, of course
- Nice List Swimsuit - 1940's style one-piece, red with white snowflakes and bows
- Nice List Play Suit - jogging gear / sports bra and tennis shorts / leotard and tights (less 1980's aerobics, more 2000's yoga)
- Nice List Nightwear - Christmas version of Adrienne's Valentine's Day Naughty Nightwear

22) [both] classic ski bunny outfit
- in AO, like the Fasionable Ski Suit, but red and white, with a smaller, not entirely zipped, jacket
- in SWL, something less bulky than the winter gear we have now, more suited to sipping mulled cider with rum in a ski lodge and hitting on instructors than actually skiing

23) [SWL] Up Helly Aa
- There’s some undead Norsemen in Kingsmouth… maybe they dredge up the boat they arrived in and we bring the torches?

24) [AO] tin of Danish butter cookies
- reusable like the Valentine's Day "Chocolate Exultation" Gift Box to obtain an edible, tradeable cookie

25) [AO] tradeable Gingerbread Cookies
- deconstruct gingerbread dough to get a recipe, possibly involving a far ranging quest, like Chirop eggs, bottled water, ottous buttermilk from a yutto herder, molasses and a ginger-like plant from Herbalist Gerard, sugar and baking soda from dehydrating a bottle of soda, and flour from... a QL 1 nano - hack basic baking supplies shipment
- repeat the recipe as desired so we can make the dough ourselves and make as many cookies as we want to waste time and creds on
- and then TRADE THEM
- possibly some new shapes, like Christmas trees and Atrox and white-nosed silvertails
- gingerbread backpack
- or if you really want to keep the old Gingerbread Cookies "special", make the new tradeable ones sugar cookies.

26) [AO] scarves
– fit like a cape, in the back slot

27) [both] snowflake lingerie
- white mesh teddy, almost transparent like white fishnet, with opaque snowflakes on it here and there
- snowflake bikini, like this one: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=21449#p177365

28) [both] Christmas beverages
– hot chocolate
- mulled apple wine
- hot spiced cider
- buttered rum
- horchata
- and eggnog, of course
- moonshine? for those who think Plumbo is too healthy for them? But call it "White Lightning" or something.
- Moose Milk (it's a Canadian thing - 2 parts eggnog, 1 part vanilla ice cream, 1 part rum, nutmeg)
- hot spiced mead

29) [AO] statuesque angel wings
Angel Wings recolored to match the Statuesque outfit, for angel statue costumes

30) [SWL] candy cane earrings

31) [both] gingerbread bikini
- just gingerbread colored, with white stripes and piping, not made of cookies

32) [both] One-shoulder soiree dress in red and white candy cane stripes

33) [SWL] bring back snow blowers and piles of snowballs, but not so many fireworks, please

34) [SWL] winter makeup and hair
- like a blue fade eyeliner with gratuitous glitter - ... 00x500.jpg
- green hair with red highlights, or red and silver, blue and silver
- add a dusting of snowflakes to any hair

35) [both] snowflake tattoos

36) [AO] peanut brittle grenades
- break up into mouth-stabbing shrapnel and then stick to your teeth until either the shrapnel or the teeth dissolve, or both

37) [both] velvet bodysuit
- dark red, cranberry or burgundy - like ... t-bodysuit - but with a white sash tied at the side, cut lower in the back and open all the way down to the belt in front, with lace top stay-up ivory thigh-high stockings
- alternate colors: white/silver, green/red, black/red, black/white, white/red

38) [both] red and green gloves
- both plain red and plain green and red/green with holiday colored trim/wrists

39) [AO] abominable snowleet beanbag
- a giant white leet-shaped beanbag, like an atrox-sized iceleet, as an apartment decoration

40) [both] hat with mistletoe dangling off the front
- so you can position it over the person you're wanting to smooch
- maybe a top hat

41) [both] more colors of top hats

42) [AO] snowman morph
- There is an effect that hides you in a cardboard box. It's used in a level 1 daily. Maybe that same effect could be used with a little adjustment to hide you in a snowman?

43) [AO] wrapped gift morph
- just like that cardboard box effect, but with the texture of a random Christmas Gift box

44) [both] pumpkin spice pumpkins
- I'm still waiting to see this on RK4, so how about we beat them to it?

45) [both] red flannel or red/green plaid onesie, or PJs

46) [both] red ribbon bikini
- every year we ask for the "just a red ribbon" outfit, but what if we call it "Red Miiir with Bows" instead?

47) [AO] snow hecklers with carrot noses and top hats

48) [AO] snowman pet on a little sled like Mr. Wheelie

49) [both] silver tinsel lei and little gold thong

50) [AO] “Elfleets are Slave Labor” t-shirts and placards
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Re: Christmas 2018 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:52 pm

[second reply reserved for tradition]
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