Norwegian PRO Files Complaint Against Tidal Over Fake Streaming Allegations

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Norwegian PRO Files Complaint Against Tidal Over Fake Streaming Allegations

Postby Gridfan » Tue May 15, 2018 3:46 pm ... -complaint

One music costumer that was interviewed said that the stats showed he had played Beyonce a whole bunch of times which he claims he had never played.
Other stats that has been inflated are Jay-Z's music (who owns Tidal).

By the looks of it many don't understand why this is a issue.
But if Tidal (formerly WiMP) works anything like Spotify then this is how things are payed out:

Each artist on the service is paid out a percentage of the company profit based on the percentage of plays they've had.
This means that a artist is payed a percentage when a song is played by a customer rather than being payed per-play.

If stats of some artists are inflated then they get a higher percentage despite not actually having been played that often, practically stealing profit from smaller artists.

It's amusing that TONO is reacting since they themselves use a similar method of calculation for smaller radio stations in Noway (they use chart percentage to calculate, which means if a artist is played on a local station but is not in the charts they don't get paid.

This is why I refused to join TONO as a artist in Norway myself. The whole system is corrupted and angled towards the big artists and publishers that are swimming in money.

It will be interesting what evidence (or not) will show up during this case though.
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