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Kira Agumi: BLACKOUT

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:05 am
by Kira Agumi
As of this very moment, due to recent events within the community, I hereby declare I'm A Gummi Girl in Agumi World ™ will cancel ALL events that were suppose to be coming late this year and next year since no one seems to get it nor wants to support the future of the community and the bigger picture which is not even about events... Therefore, I announce that there will be but ONE final event from I'm A Gummi Girl in Agumi World ™ and it is not affiliated with anyone and the event is called: Kira Agumi BLACKOUT.

I'm sure it's an event everyone will love as it starts now and will see me disappear from the community forever.

It's been a fun ride... thank you.

Just know... that my last event was an event you all loved and enjoyed and actively participated in, whether you wanted to or not and thus I cement Kira Agumi BLACKOUT as the greatest event of all time!