FFK Press Conference! (Sept. 21st) LIVE on Twitch with EthicaTank

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FFK Press Conference! (Sept. 21st) LIVE on Twitch with EthicaTank

Postby Kira Agumi » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:42 pm


September 21st, 2017, The FFK Press Conference will be held LIVE at the Pets vs Monsters arena in Darkside in London at Toutsbridge. This event will be a 30-45 minute event from about 5pmET-5:45pmET.

Come see the official Kombatant Reveal and get to know all 16 kombatants in the first ever inaugural FFK tournament! Also meet the FFK staff and ask any questions you may have, LIVE at the end of the event. Lastly, get details of an exclusive announcement during the FFK Press Conference.

This event is presented to you by I'm A Gummi Girl in Agumi World ™ in affiliation with GridStream Productions and FFK commentator and time keeper, EthicaTank.

This event will be streamed through multiple channels as well, including EthicaTank, gamerwn, ColdNorthMenace, MoBlos, JimmyTheRabbit and more to come. If you would like to stream the event LIVE or autohost EthicaTank, then do so and message me so your name can be added.

https://www.twitch.tv/ethicatank (primary feed)

And check out GridStream Productions http://www.gridstream.org/

The official theme song of the FFK is "Immortal" by Adema.
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