Firefly drinking songs anyone?

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Firefly drinking songs anyone?

Postby Kermie » Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:09 pm

How would you like another album of Firefly drinking songs?

Years ago, I had this crazy idea to record an entire album inspired by Joss Whedon's TV Show Firefly, which later led to the movie Serenity. I love the show. It has some of the best writing ever. And where else will you find a sci fi/western? The first album was recorded with my friends the Bedlam Bards and called Firefly Drinking Songs. I've longed to make a second one. But I just didn't see it happening.

So last year, I tried to trick myself into making it happen. I set a milestone on Patreon. If I reached $500, then I would record a 4-song EP of Firefly Drinking Songs. That would move me a little bit closer to actually releasing a second album.

Last week, we hit that goal. So on Friday, I sat down with my autoharp and recorded... eleven songs.

I recorded the two songs I originally promised. Then I recorded the theme song and a new version of "Hero of Canton". Then there's a couple songs from the Bedlam Bards' CD that I sing. I thought those would make nice additions. And a couple months back when I realized I was close to the goal, I asked Rie Sheridan Rose to write me a few lyrics. So I recorded a couple of those songs as well.

When I was done, I realized I had another Firefly album. I want you to own it too!

However, I have decided that I will not Kickstart this album. I have no current plans to officially release this album out into the world. This album will be exclusively available on Patreon.

If you want to own a copy when it is available, then...
1. Join the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon for as little as $1 per month. You'll get a digital copy of the album as a special gift when it is finally released, OR
2. Kickstart New CDs in the Gunn Runners Club and you'll get a physical copy of the album when it is released.
The best thing about this whole album is if you do join the Gunn Runners Club, you also move us a little closer to ANOTHER album with a title that will NOT be Irish Adventures on Higgins' Moon. (That title just doesn't make much sense right now since the Firefly songs will be on this album instead)

Speaking of album titles, I need your help picking one for this new album.

The idea behind this album is that a musician is touring the Verse raising money for the Independents to fight the Alliance. It's a sort Irish rebel album, but for Browncoats. Some of Patreons like these two titles: Browncoat Uprising and Browncoat Forever.

Do you have an alternate album title to suggest? Please email me and I'll make a poll for next week's newsletter.

You can find out more about theh Firefly album in this week's Celtfather podcast:
• Firefly and the Salmon of Knowledge
• Bicycling Across Shakespearean Italy with Carl Asch
• Your Next Marc Gunn CD Revealed
• Best Travel Tips with Vince Conaway
Thanks as always for listening to my music.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

PS. You can watch me perform on Facebook every Tuesday in April at 11 am CDT.
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