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Knights Of The Old Republic 3

Postby Gridfan » Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:38 pm

Who here played Knights Of The Old Republic?
Who here played Knights Of The Old Republic 2.
Who here wanted to play Knights Of The Old Republic 3?

Some may say that Star Wars The Old Republic is KoTOR 3. I shake my head and say nuhu.

While SWTOR for me felt like a KoTOR game, it was not comfortable to play.

My main issue (it's been like a year or two or three since I played it now), I went in as froob but it was during a trial period so I got to make a few more classses more than froobs go to make later (this may have changed now though).

And I discovered something.

First of all the buildings and areas was huge, unrealisticly huge. Sure Star Wars has very large and alienesque architecture at times but this was silly.
A room with a chair in it felt like a chair in the middle of the central area of a train station or airport; but it's really supposed to be a bar/lounge of some sorts.

And then there is the backtracking. A lot of the quests/tasks send you running in crisscross over the same area/map a lot. Fine, sure. Many games tend to do that.
But the issue was that mobs/wildlife tended to respawn, a lot. So you had to grind you way from A to B then enter the mission areas and sometimes grind through mobs there until you got to the task part.

But it got worse. That was just one class. There are 4 (I think it's 4) classes and two sides, for a total of 8 variations.

But here's the issue. While each class had it's own starting scenario, not long after you end up on your second planet and you think "yay, this is where it really get Star Wars'y wohoo".
Only to realize that two of the Republic classes share the same 1st planet, and later you find out that all classes of the Republic share the 2rd planet. And then to find out the same is true for the Empire. But it gets worse, the 3rd planet is shared by two of the Republic and two of the Imperial classes, and I assume thew two other classes o each side do too, I never found out as I gave up at that point.

This is only made worse by having to criss-cross across the same areas. With 4 classes (2 from each side) I actually had to run across (the speedbike fasttravel helped a little bit later though) the same are 90% of the time with only 10% being different for 2 classes on and 5% being the same for those two classes of opposing sides. A lot of the mobs in the private instances where a lot of the same as well.

I can only take having to talk to the same 4-5 NPC quest dispensers in the cities as well. Many times these NPCs gave the almost identical mission to all classes. Now I did expect some overlap. But com'on, really? And these where not generic mission NPCs but NPCs providing main path quests.

Now if this had been a singleplayer Knights Of The Old Republic 3 I could have cheated. Made myself hit harder and have more health etc. Spawn or give myself enough credits to buy good gear at once, give myself a speed bike earlier. But no, this is a MMO.

The odd thing is I never felt that with AO and I did do all classes (professions), heck I did several classes multiple times. Why didn't I dislike that? Its' hard to point out but I think it might be because in SWTOR you have a main quest/progession while in AO it's a truly open world.

BioWare took what would have been Knights Of The Old Republic 3 and mixes it with Star Wars "The Olden days" MMO and we got SWTOR.
They even patched/changed the game later so that you could solo play it better.

I evens suggested once (on the now defunct BioWare forums) as well as in a email to them that they should take the SWTOR assets (artwork, models, voice, music, dialog etc) adjust the scale of some or the areas (which are clearly oversized to make it feel less cramped when there is a lot of players running around) and re-create it as a single player game.

The 4 sides and 4 classes would not need to crisscross the same planets as much as they did in the MMO. And when playing through as another class/side you might also be able to choose if you want to run across traces of your other character. (potentially self-sabotaging yourself unknowingly).

Why of why didn't Lucasarts let Obsidian get more time to finish KoTOR2 (or Obsidian having the guts to insist on more time), I'm certain the reason Obsidian did not get to make KoTOR 3 was due to the less than stellar response KoTOR 2 got initially.

I even asked Obsidian if they could re-master KoTOR2, now that Disney owned Star Wars they might be more willing to do that than Lucasart in the past, and they said they could not and would be unlikely they would be allowed to as EA now had all rights to Star Wars games, and EA is doing it's Star War stuff "in-house" rather than sub-licensing it.

I can only hope that DICE with Battlefront 2 makes something great. A bittersweet tale of two people on opposite sides stretching from A new Hope to Episode 7 (and 8?) would be great, this would give two perspectives and maybe your choices for one of the characters at a point may affect when you play as the character on the other side. And maybe they'll end up as mortal enemies or lovers at the end? (this idea is not new, I've heard of a Star Wars novel or series of books that do this very same thing and people say it's really good).

And apparently BioWare is working on a Star Wars game but IO highly doubt it's KoTOR 3. I'm guessing it's closer to Mass Effect 4's style than KotOR 1 or 2, or the novel I mentioned.

Damnit, give me ONE good Star Wars game. DICE's Battlefront looks awesome, sounded awesome. The Hoth stuff looked amazing, best I've ever seen since The Force Unleashed 2's DLC. DICE "get" the Star Wars feel, but do they get the story stuff as well?

And let's look on the bright side, if BioWare is making a Star Wars game and it has Darth Vader in it (I'm speculating it would have that, the recent Dart Vader comics show the potential), at least BioWare can't mess up Darth Vader's facial animations so we'll be safe from seeing Darth Vader looking silly....
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Re: Knights Of The Old Republic 3

Postby Shigy » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:23 pm

Jedi Academy is still one of my favorite star wars games. However I couldn't exactly recommend it for the deep storyline. However it's a lot of fun to play. And you do get some dark side/light side choices along the way.
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Re: Knights Of The Old Republic 3

Postby Caliana » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:16 am

The latest expansions really went back to steering TOR as if it were a KOTOR 3 honestly. A friend and I had duo'd in it a lot, and I was sad that after like.. SoE Bioware pretty much killed the coop part of doing story mode. We used to love questing together and helping each other on class stuff and progressing the main line. Unfortunately they killed shared credit, heavily enforced instancing, and made it so that if you're cooping, you pretty much have to do things at least twice.

The story itself was great and fun, but they really killed one of the major things that made games fun for me (I don't like soloing alot).
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