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Postby Jezebelle » Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:36 pm

Late entry from Nushen, as if the colors don't give it away.

- Plaid Skirt w/matching thigh-highs
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Suggestion Email

Postby Jezebelle » Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:09 am

As promised, here are the final results, the email I'm sending to feedback@anarchy-online.com
If I misunderstood your idea or you just imagined it differently, feel free to post corrections and/or clarifications. They'll probably see it when the follow the link back here. Or just send it right to them. The address is right there.

This year, I got started on collecting Halloween ideas extra early, right after the Anniversary party, and had 133 ideas by mid-July, so I asked the GSP DJs, Staff, and Dancers to vote on which ones I should write up to send in. This is the short list. The whole brainstorming list is at http://www.gridstream.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17123 There's some really great stuff in that thread that made the selection difficult, but just didn't make the top 20, as well as late entries that arrived after the voting started. I think it will be well worth your while to check out the whole list, but here are the highlights:

1) cloud of bats nano
The focus of this idea was an effect like the the Holiday Hologram from a few years ago that made red and green sparkles circle around you for a few seconds, but this one has black bats instead. The item that causes the effect was less specific. It could be a nano like the snowballs or a reusable object like the Holiday Hologram, or my favorite, a holdable bat doll that does that when right-clicked.

2) pet spiders
The only spider models I know of in the game are Bloodcreepers and Zixx, but I'm a lowbie so there are probably others I haven't met. One spider type, probably Bloodcreeper, could be chosen and come in different colors like the Enigma Dogs, or the type of spider could be random. If there aren't enough types of spiders, other bugs could be randomly summoned, like mantises and scorpiods. Or make up something new, like a Bloodcreeper with a big grinning jack-o-lantern in place of the body.

3) black raven that sits on your shoulder
This one should be pretty easy, since it's just like the existing shoulder parrot, but black. No special effects were suggested for it, just perching like a parrot. Maybe it says something when you equip or click it, like "Nevermore" or "Never again" or "Not again". Bonus points for knocking over a potted plant when it says that.

4) handbra
A bikini top with a pair of plastic hands for cups. It's not (necessarily) any more revealing than the Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Top and there are even costumes like this on RK4 - http://www.costumeshopper.com/prods/fm59756.html and http://www.totallycostumes.com/sbe-04201-hand-bra.html Maybe differentiate it from the RK4 ones by making it strapless with a wide back that looks like a shirt sleeve..

5) more Spooky Pet Leets
Perhaps the existing "Spooky Pet Leet" nano could have a few new random leets added to it instead of making a new item for these. That's available with paid points, so having the nano isn't exclusive to the Halloween event it was introduced at. These could be the same, so adding them to the same nano would just be a matter of convenience. Several new kinds of social pet leets were suggested:
- the favorites were angel and devil leets. No specifics were suggested, but I think a white leet with a golden halo and black one with red horns were the general idea.
- Jack-o-Leet also got a lot of votes. It's an orange leet with black eyes and a Jack-o-Lantern grin, lit from the inside. Or maybe it's a headless leet with a small gourd lantern on top and a raggedy black cape, like a fuzzy little Nephew Pumpkinhead.
- several others, like skeleton and zombie leets or a leet with slayerdroid arms were mentioned but didn't do as well in the voting.

6) new Halloween bikinis
It's been a while since the Midnight Pumpkin Bikini came out, and a lot of new alts and new players never got a chance to get one. Several good bikini ideas came up and three even made the top twenty list separately before I combined them here. One point of consensus (or majority agreement at least) was that there should be matching boxers for each, and none of them should be restricted by sex. Girls like boxers too, and if the boys and troxes want to wear a bikini, they should be allowed to. (As much as some players would prefer they just didn't want to.) Leave it up to the players whether they want to wear clothing that wasn't really meant for them.
- The number one most voted bikini was a candy corn bikini, although no one got very specific with what that looks like. I imagine it having four triangular panels of yellow, orange, and white connected with black strings. I couldn't find a picture of exactly that, but shrinking down two of the Candy Corn nanosprays for the cups and two more for the front and back panels should do it. The boxers should be a tesselated pattern of those nanosprays, with black stripes in between and around the rounded corners.
- A close second was any black and white bikini. Several different specific designs were suggested, such as polka dots or classic domino ( http://www.victoriassecret.com/swimwear ... ueType=OLS ), black on one side and white on the other ( http://www.sella.co.nz/images/thumb/v/5 ... 10x158.jpg ), bats, skulls, skull and crossbones, and vampire fangs. Maybe a top shaped like bat wings and a bottom with vampire fangs on it.
- Smiley face bikini and boxers, either lots of little smiley faces like polka-dots or a few big strategically located circles.
- Again, several others, like yellow with green frogs, or made from Uncle Pumpkinhead's rags, or shimmering, translucent fabric, didn't get enough votes for their own paragraphs here.

7) new striped tights
One of the most common suggestions I see is to bring back the color-changing striped tights, but those have a date on them. Instead of bringing those back, how about a new similar item in new colors? They could be the same black striped with white, grey, fuchsia, blue, red, or whatever goes well with the rest of what is given out this year. Or they could be a different pattern all together, like checked or plaid.

8) devil horns and tails
Forehead devil horns in at least two different shapes, preferably one headwear item that changes shape with right clicks. Both types come out of the forehead. I don't know how badly that would break this engine, but I imagine a "glasses" mounted model that just clips right through the forehead should be "possible". The two specific types that were suggested were "Angry devil horns" like http://www.fotosearch.com/ISI107/difli046/ and "Sexy devil horns" like http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv32 ... ilCost.jpg .
The tails were suggested separately and they almost made the top 20 votes separately. Adding their votes together would put them in the #3 spot. They could be part of the same item and appear or not depending on which slot it's in, like the Catgirl Costume's tail, or the tail could be a separate item, possibly a social neck item. Just the classic demon tail, much like the catgirl's tail, but with a pointy tip shaped like either an arrowhead (like that second example pic) or a spade, in black or red.
It was also suggested, too late to vote on it separately, that these could be parts of incubus and succubus costumes. I guess that would work the same way the Catgirl Costume does, each separate part being overridable with social items. Could the head/skin tone change also be optional? Maybe in Social it just adds the horns and tail (and possibly some devilishly sexy outfit) while in Clothes, it changes skin color to a dark red and the whole head to a reddish leering or tempting demon head.

9) Princess costume
A pink gown with slightly excessive sparkly jewelry, tiara or crown, and wand, like little girls often wear to go trick-or-treating. Lots of pink. Like this one: http://www.costumecraze.com/PNCS84.html . Preferably separate pieces, since tiaras and sparkly wands can go with other costumes, too.

10 (tied) witch hat
Boots were suggested too, but didn't get nearly as many votes. They probably wouldn't work in the current engine anyway, since the witchy part of the boots would be the curly, pointy toe shape. We had a witch mask one year. I think it was two years ago. That one replaced the face with a cartoonish witch mask. Maybe part of the same model could be used to make a hat that replaces just the hair, leaving the rest of your head alone?

10 (tied) floating head / flaming skull
The original suggestion was for a floating head "pet" that follows you around demanding $2, apparently a reference to "Better Off Dead", but I must have missed that one. In the course of the voting, it kind of morphed into a floating flaming skull, a more common iconic image. I imagine it bobbing like a flying reet, but not landing when it stands still. It could even come in a randomly selected variety of skull shapes; average Solitus skull like the one commonly found in missions with a brain implant still in it, slightly narrower for Opifex, wider for Atrox, shiny biocybernetic interfaces for Nanomages, tusked for Rhinomen, horned for Shades, misshapen for mutants, etc. Maybe throw in some critter skulls, like malles, brontos, and mechdogs. Making one of them demand 200 creds when summoned would probably cover that original reference, I guess.

12) XXX-Plumbo Beer Can costume
The original suggestion was a scaled-up beer can model with holes to see out of and for and arms and legs. Since that would have arms and legs and weapons clippping through it all over the place, unless it was so obnoxiously huge they didn't reach, maybe it would be better to scale it up a little less so it only covers the torso. A few emotes would still clip through it oddly, but not as many. Either way, the description can still refer to the built-in straw attached to copious amount of space to store beer in chilled compartments around the inside of the can.

13 (tied) chainsaw melee weapon
They're typically wielded with two hands, but bear little resemblance to a two-handed sword. The length is more appropriate for a one-handed edged weapon. Cinematically they get swung around in one hand, but it's hard to start one while holding the other. I guess we can assume that that problem could be resolved in the next 300 centuries. We have some guns with rotating parts, but a chain would be a different matter. If animating the chain wouldn't be a simple trick within the limits of this engine, it really wouldn't be worth it at this point, and I suppose smoke and sound would be asking way too much.

13 (tied) black roses
These could be either just like the Everlasting Bouquet of Flowers with all the petals black or a single black rose. The leaves and stems should stay green. Bonus points if it can also be placed on the ground. Instead of an Earth rose, it could of course be some Rubi-Ka flower that naturally blooms black and happens to look otherwise like a rose. Or maybe it unnaturally blooms black, a mutation caused by the dark clouds Uncle Pumpkinhead brings with him. Maybe rather than having him drop it, it spawns on the ground like Carbon-Rich Rocks in the same areas he spawns. Pick two single roses and combine them into a bouquet. Then maybe combine the bouquet with a Weird Looking Candy Cherry to make a crown of thorns (or a "wreath of barbs") that can cast that cherry's nano without being used up. The original idea that got all the votes was the simple black rose with green leaves that can be held or placed on the ground. All the rest of those complications were just what occurred to me as I wrote this.

15) gasmask
It fits over the face like the Hockey Mask, or maybe a little closer if possible, so it looks like it makes a seal. The only special trick that was mentioned was the possibility of different size masks: full face masks with goggles built in (like http://www.approvedgasmasks.com/scott-m95.htm ) and half-masks that only cover the mouth and nose so we can wear them with out favorite visors, goggles, or sunglasses. ( like http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/pvc-gas-mask-stocking )

16) 3 Moon Wolf shirt
How many moons does Rubi-Ka have? Maybe throw a space station in there, too. Can't be just the stations though. It has to have at least one moon to get the magic effect. Maybe the "wolf" is of the two-headed variety that Adventurers morph into, so it can howl at both. In case anyone doesn't get the reference, the famous "Three Wolf Moon" t-shirt ( http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/25/nyreg ... .html?_r=1 ) hit Amazon.com's top seller list when someone made a funny review and all kinds of people chimed in with reports of its magical powers. This one could come with a description detailing the paleoanthropological findings about some ancient mystical beliefs of the supernatural powers granted to the wearer of such a shirt. Flight, superhuman strength, unimaginable wealth, instant healing, incomparable prowess of all sorts, complete irresistability to the opposite sex (or whichever you're attracted to?).
Plenty of other t-shirts were suggested, but none got as many votes as this.
(Yes, I said 2 instead of 3 in the original post. I guess I forgot how many wolves were on the shirt, so I went and looked it up later. I found some forum posts about Rubi-Ka's moons too, and apparently there are at least three, so that works.)

17) Mr. Squeaky vehicle
Just like the pumpkin-shaped hoverchair from last year, but shaped like Mr. (or Ms.) Squeaky instead. Possibly in traditional yellow and "Mr. Evil Squeaky" black varieties. Or just the black one for Halloween and save the yellow one for Christmas. Is there any way you could put a horn in them that either quacks or squeaks like a rubber duckie? It would probably have to be on a timer like that Holiday Hologram Burst to minimize how annoying some people would be with overusing it. Several other Squeaky-related items almost earned their own spot on the list, but together they deserve mention here at least.
- a big, bulky Mr. Squeaky costume like either the paid point alien costume or the XXX-Plumbo Beer Can suggested above
- Mistress Squeaky, or Evil Miss Squeaky, a yellow rubber duckie with long black Cheerleet-style eyelashes and a black vinyl dominatrix outfit. I couldn't find a good example of what that looks like, but I imagine she'd make a good companion to this one: http://www.edenfantasys.com/vibrators/d ... age-duckie
- Mr. Squeaky sunglasses, similar to the Monster Sunglasses, but yellow with duck-shaped frames
- Mr. Squeaky hat, either a tophat with ducks around the sides, matching the Anniversary outfit, or a giant yellow duck you wear on your head. Maybe it fits far enough down on your head that it makes sense to have all your hair inside it and it has eyeholes in the front to look out of.
- Holdable Mr. Squeaky doll (or just make some of the old placeables holdable - can't they be both "weapon" and "furniture"?)
- Mr. Squeaky Slippers probably aren't worth doing in this engine, but you might want to consider duck-shaped slippers for the new engine.

18) pet dragons
Different colors of the Spinetooth-type dragons from Shadowlands would be good. Throwing in a random assortment of pit lizards wouldn't hurt. They'd just all have to be small, about the size of a pet Enigma Dog, so they wouldn't be as annoying at parties as Pit Lizards are. Maybe even smaller, parrot-sized, like the fire lizards in Anne McCaffrey's Pern books. Bonus points for occasionally exhaling a little puff of flame or something. Even better if they could cast some low-level Adventurer damage shield that matches their color, preferably as an aura.
There were lots of pets on this list, and still more that didn't get enough votes for the short-list, like disembodied hands, mini-hecklers, and costumed reets and minibrontos. Don't forget to check out the whole brainstorming list for the rest.

19) gothic princess costume
Similar to the Gothic Lolita dress from a few years ago, but with a black and royal purple long skirt instead of the tutu. Lots of black lace, maybe some blood red trim. Maybe something like http://www.buycostumes.com/Goth-Spider- ... etail.aspx with red laces for the corset. Gauntlet-style spiderweb fishnet gloves. Boots with matching red laces. Black fingernails. Or a hand item that right-clicks to change between different black, red, purple, and silver fingernail colors.

20 (tied) headless horseman
It's a public-domain legend as long as you don't mention any details specific to any one production of it, and on Rubi-Ka he'd be riding a bronto or a silvertail or something instead. It could be a new form of mounted Pumpkinhead, a quest, a limited use combat pet, a doll.... Maybe some oblique references to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, like only finding these "horsemen" on one side of certain bridges, or the NPC involved in the related quest being a teacher or some sort.

20 (tied) some temporary item that lets you fly like an MP with Quantum Wings
Maybe it's a steampunk jetpack or working devil/angel wings or rocket boots or an anti-gravity belt, although some of those would make better Christmas presents. Flapping wings are probably the most appropriate for Halloween and would make sense to use without any vehicle skill. It probably shouldn't be as fast as Quantum Wings or a Yalmaha, but still fun for those of us who have never gotten an MP to that level or had a flying vehicle.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you're interested in still more ideas, be sure to check out the brainstorming thread at http://www.gridstream.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17123
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Postby Joanwilder » Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:17 am

I just wanted to say thank you so much Jez, for putting this together for everyone. Hopefully, we'll get quite a few new items this Halloween. Your efforts have been gracious and I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say, it's much appreciated!
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Postby Kryat » Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:50 am

id like to see maybe special halloween bosses around rubi-ka for multiple levels and drop like special items, like for example:

-1h edged swords that look like jasons bloodied machete

-Fist weapons that look like freddy krugers claws

-costumes of famous halloween monsters (jason,kruger,micheal myers etc.)

-halloween candy in our hands like pails of candy corn and such

-halloween decorations around player cities

-and a bunch of halloween accessories
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Postby Nicodar » Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:16 am

Kryat wrote:-costumes of famous halloween monsters (jason,kruger,micheal myers etc.)

The signature sweater of Freddy and hockey mask of Jasonare already in-game from a previous halloween.
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