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Re: TSW Dance scripts

Postby Thesawolf » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:07 am

semi-necro posting, sorry.
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Re: TSW Dance scripts

Postby Shigy » Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:16 am

Good to know :)
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Re: TSW Dance scripts

Postby Chosen-Blood » Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:28 am

Edit: Apparently <br> only works when you post something yourself. Has to be <BR> for it to work for others. Capital letters. Size matters apparently.

I've had this TSW script laying around which opens a popup for whoever is around to click it, which lists all the dances and you can simply click one to use it. Talked about scripting with a friend today and decided to freshen it up and add some colors and also the new dances. So here's the result:

Code: Select all
<font color=#FFDD66>Let's </font><font color=#DDFF66>have </font><font color=#99FFAA>a </font><font color=#99FFEE>dance </font><font color=#99CCFF>party: </font><a href="text://<center><font face=headline>Dances</font><BR><BR><font color=#FF0000>* <a href='chatcmd:///dance_gangnam_style'>Gangnam Style</a> *</font><BR><BR><font color=#DD3300>~ <a href='chatcmd:///dance_samba'>Samba</a> ~</font><BR><BR><font color=#FF9900>* <a href='chatcmd:///funkychicken'>Funky Chicken</a> *</font><BR><BR><font color=#AAAA00>~ <a href='chatcmd:///dance_macarena'>Macarena</a> ~</font><BR><BR><font color=#CCFF33>* <a href='chatcmd:///tapdance'>Tapdance</a> *</font><BR><BR><font color=#00AA66>~ <a href='chatcmd:///runningman'>Runningman</a> ~</font><BR><BR><font color=#33CCFF>* <a href='chatcmd:///dance_sprinkler'>Sprinkler</a> *</font><BR><BR><font color=#0066FF>~ <a href='chatcmd:///moonwalk'>Moonwalk</a> ~</font><BR><BR><font color=#9966FF>* <a href='chatcmd:///digmusic'>Dig Music</a> *</font><BR><BR><font color=#DD00DD>~ <a href='chatcmd:///graffiti'>Graffiti</a> ~</font><BR><BR><BR><font face=TSWLARGE>Dance like MJ</font><BR><BR><a href='chatcmd:///moonwalk_pro'>Pro Moonwalk</a><BR><font face=SMALL color=#FF55EE>Requires &quot;Catch Me If You Can&quot; Achievement</font><BR><BR><a href='chatcmd:///dance_thriller'>Thriller</a><BR><font face=SMALL color=#FF55EE>Requires &quot;Party Cubed&quot; Achievement</font></center>">Click here!</a>

It's important that all of this is on the same line in the script or it will break (just to be clear, as it's looking here is one row, it's just the overflow that looks like a new row, but pressing enter to make a new row would break it). A new line is the same as a new command, and this is all one command.

You can also download the script here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/agk2gzevprnc ... Mpsca?dl=0

So if you put this in your notepad, save as dances for example, you would then type /dances (or /dances.txt if you haven't removed the extension) and you would get the following in whichever chat you post it in:


And then when people click the link, they should get this popup:

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Re: TSW Dance scripts

Postby Dharzee » Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:52 pm

Cool :) I may have to play with that if I remember :)
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