How Can I Find the Show in TSW?

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How Can I Find the Show in TSW?

Postby Vallikat » Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:55 pm

So you've managed to tune-in to the stream (yay!) and you've found your way to the forums (double-yay!!), but what you'd really like to do is go to the show. Only thing is you can't seem to find your way. Have no fear! Follow these simple steps and you'll be there in no time!!

1. Take note of the current DJ's name (hint: you can find it on our home page).
2. Add the DJ's name to your friends list
3. Right mouse click on their name in your friends list and select meet-up
4. Once you're ported to the anima well, run from there to the show location indicated by the DJ
5. Bonus points: Type "/chat join Gridstream" (without the quotes) into your chat channel so you can talk to us even when you can't be at the show.

No excuses now! Hope to see you at a show soon!!

PLEASE NOTE: Some TSW shows take place on roleplay dimensions (Arcadia or Leviathan). We humbly ask that you try to be respectful of roleplay etiquette when a show is being conducted on one of those dimensions. These shows are typically labelled (TSW-RP) for clarification.
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