Halloween 2020 Brainstorming

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Halloween 2020 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Sat Jul 18, 2020 1:14 am

It's time to get started thinking about Halloween already! Should have been last week probably, but the TSW Anniversary keeps throwing me off. Anyway, AO just got an ascended version of The Temple of Three Winds, so I wouldn't count on a big new Halloween dungeon too, but a few social items are likely. Neither AO nor TSW seem to have gotten much new social type loot for the anniversaries. Little bit at Christmas. AO Halloween could use a new mini-dungeon or quest. Something simple, like the crashed destroyer for Christmas, that's easy for any level to get to (unlike the Great Pumpkin and the Abandoned Facility). Anyone have a cool idea for something like that?

As for Secret World Legends, we still don't have the Spooky Stories of Solomon Island back, so maybe that will come to SWL. Or maybe there's something about those that they still can't work into SWL for some reason, so if you have any other ideas for something less tedious than the hourly pumpkin patch, go ahead and suggest it. Also, there will probably be new social stuff dropping for daily logins, so suggest what you want to see there. Judging by the last few, that will probably be mostly currency of various sorts, upgrade material, plus a sprint and a t-shirt and maybe a hat or something? New pet? General interest stuff. Could even be a new cache if there was a whole theme of weapon skins and clothes and stuff to fill it with.

As usual, I'll be gathering the suggestions in this thread, and after a couple weeks of collecting ideas, GSP Crew and Dancers will vote to pick our top 20 favorites and I'll write those up in more detail, with reference images where necessary, then send them all in for FC's idea pool. I'll also post them to the official AO and SWL forums, but I'm officially collecting the suggestions here in the GSP forums because it'll just be easier to compile the list if i don't have to worry about editing limits and post size and such. I'll try to keep up with collecting any posts from there, as well as FB and Twitter, to add to this list as we go.


Jul 17 - Jul 31: Two weeks of collecting suggestions at parties and here in this thread.

Aug 1 - Aug 8: One week for GSP DJs, Dancers, and Staff vote on their favorite ideas.

Aug 9 - Aug 16: One week for me to sort out and write up the favorite ideas with detailed descriptions and reference images.

Aug 17 - October: Hopefully, FC will be designing all the new goodies some time in August and building, implementing, and testing in September, in whatever spare time falls out while they're waiting for the new project to compile or whatever.

Oct 13ish: Events start. AO used to start late, just before Halloween, and run through most of November, but SWL starts early and runs through October, and for some reason they like to overlap them more than that. They can start AO's events without a patch, so they could patch any time in October and set a timer to start the event, but they go for the overlap anyway. They'll both start some time in October, probably the 2nd and 3rd weeks, but we won't know for sure until it happens.

Oct 31: Halloween

Now this is a brainstorming thread, so we want lots of ideas to choose from. GSP will be picking favorites for me to write up in detail, but I'll be sending in the whole list, even if some of them are just vague single phrases, because something that didn't strike a chord with us might turn out to give FC a good idea anyway.

Some guidelines for suggestions:

1) Be specific enough that everyone will have roughly the same idea what you mean.

2) Don't infringe on anyone else's Intellectual Property. Ideas inspired by some other game, movie, tv show, or whatever, are fine, as long as they're just oblique references. Using quotes, images, or names that belong to someone else isn't going to happen. The dance emotes in TSW are a good example. They're all recognizable, but not exactly identical to the famous choreography, and they're named something similar, not the actual song title. Except Gangnam Style. Maybe FC legal isn't worried about using that spelling when the game doesn't even know how to spell in Korean?

3) Keep it within the games' ratings, whatever they are in your region. You've all seen the bikinis, thongs, alien toys, and Dragon tantric footrubs, so you know there's still a lot of room to be sexy without getting too explicit.

4) Original new ideas are preferred, but if we still haven't gotten your favorite idea from some previous year, go ahead and suggest it again. Here are links to the previous lists if you want to look something up or just get some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

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Re: Halloween 2020 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Sat Jul 18, 2020 1:20 am

1 (both) TAFKAP costume – purple assless chaps, wetlook thong, platform shoes and ruffle shirt open down to the belt

2 (both) A raspberry beret and matching "not much more" (SWL's better at hats, but even if there's clipping issues in AO, it's worth a try)

3 (both) pumpkin spice latte (should be available starting at the anniversary, then maybe back it up to Valentine's day, then Christmas...)

4 (both) spice pumpkins (that spice has to come from somewhere, right?)

5 (AO) closet skeleton nanospray

6 (both) X-ray swimsuit, a skimpy version of the skeleton costume

7 (both) blue moons bikini

8 (AO) QL1-200 pirate pistol, comparable to an decent froob pistol, but uses multi-melee so you can duel-wield it with a sword

9 (both) Dreamcatcher bikini. a couple circular frames, some strings, a feather or two

10 (AO) pumpkin chalice – like a small pumpkin held by the stem, with the bottom cut off so you can drink pumpkin wine out of it

11 (both) pumpkin, apple, and pumpkin with apple cookies

12 (both) bouquet of black roses with spiderwebs

13 (AO) remove gender restrictions from the holiday bikinis and boxers

14 (both) werewolf paw mittens, head mask

15 (AO) orange, pink, and green laser swords / lightsticks

16 (AO) Halloween colored versions of the Christmas holiday holograms

17 (AO) tombstone backpacks

18 (AO) spooky spider-y bookcase

19 (both) dusty demon chair vehicle

20 (AO) witchy cauldron

21 (both) haunted rags bikini

22 (both) spiderweb teddy

23 (AO) pie crust recipe to make pumpkinhead pies

24 (both) a bikini that matches the inside of the Mysterious Cloak, preferably animated, with a phantom grin that fades in and out, but I'd be happy to settle for a purple bikini. And boxers. No gender restrictions, please.

25 (AO) Neleb's Bikini - an eye over each breast, like the Secret World "Sight for Sore Eyes" top, but more black and purple nightmare styled. The description could have "Hey, my eyes are up... oh wait." The cleavage also gazes. Chest implant of perception not included.

26 (AO) Eldritch Minor Fright shoulder lantern like the Eye of Neleb backpack, hovering, with tentacles, or as a “hovering” pet, like the balloons

27 (AO) raven (black reet) pet

28 (AO) hunt escaped rollerpumpkins or something, maybe someone sabotaged the pet crystal factory and let them all loose

29 (AO) respirator face masks

30 (SW) pumpkin shaped boots

31 (AO) devileet in a cage

32 (AO) Hand-held TP rolls

33 (both) Eldritch Zoidberg mask

34 (AO) Cerubin mask

35 (both) Cowbell of Antidote
- 1HB weapon with a chance to proc a DoT removal on your team?

36 (AO) dress up the ICC statue
– skinless titan
- lion tamer
- mankini
- lion tamer in a mankini holding a giant cat toy
- Captain Anarchy holding a broken pumpkin
- mummy
- pimp suit and coat and feather hat
- ghost sheet
- white tux with angel wings and halo

37 (both) holdable hourglass item (Enhanced Notum Crystal / Elemental Focus weapon) that matches the Scythe of the Harvester

38 (both) leet mascot costume

39 (both) Whompah Technician and Spaceship Janitor uniforms from NotAtAllSuspicious Co.

40 (AO) Use the in-game billboards for spooky ads for other FC games

41 (AO) body pillows with a variety of different character pictures

42 (AO) surgical masks in different colors, like TSW has

43 (AO) prototype candy corn popper that randomly either throws white popcorn-looking sparks or spawns an orange, white, and yellow marshmallow

44 (AO) hovering shark shoulder lantern

45 (AO) pet hovershark

46 (AO) Ill-tempered laser bass decoration - deep voiced dancing mounted fish with laser eyes

47 (both) frozen trout cold-damage blunt melee weapon

48 (AO) even more fish-shaped ranged energy pistol, or just re-skin one that already looks kinda fishy

49 (both) serrated herring for cutting down large trees to make a nice path between the shrubberies

50 (AO) a wizard's tower some mad nanomage died in a hundred years ago (time travel, maybe?) and left behind monsters, traps, spiders, rotting tomes, spider webs, crazy experiments, spiders, and high tech gear designed to look wizardy, like that stave of inferno, and then the nanos that kept it undetected all these years finally expired

51 (both) Upside-down mask and/or backwards head

52 (both) an even bigger coffee mug, like the size of the New Year's Crunk Goblet, with "DON'T SLEEP" on the side, in big, jittery letters
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Re: Halloween 2020 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Sat Jul 18, 2020 1:25 am

[second reply reserved for tradition]
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