Christmas 2019 Brainstorming

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Christmas 2019 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:50 pm

It's a little earlier than usual, but just in case the recent instabilities slow us down again, let's start collecting Christmas ideas! In August! Okay, so by the time most of you read this, it'll be September, but whatever. If we get it done early, I won't still be writing it up when the SWL Halloween event starts.

As usual, I'm going to be collecting ideas for both SWL and AO, at parties, in forums, and on social media. There will probably be a few little things in AO. I'm not expecting yet another new encounter or dungeon, but they could always bring back something like the 12 Days tours. They seem to be into nostalgia lately. And SWL will most likely get The Christmas Conspiracy back. I know I said that last year, but that just makes it more likely this time, right? And maybe some new cache thing. Big ideas can still go in the list, of course. They can always be saved for later, and they're going to need something new after all the TSW holiday content has been ported to SWL. Ideas are always better than none.

There is no contest involved, and I'm not even keeping track of which idea is whose, because the best ones tend to be collaborations anyway. That's why I prefer collecting ideas at shows. Batting them around a bit and adding details and inspiring each other for more ideas is what brainstorming is about. Of course, sometimes ideas come up at inconvenient times, and if you think of something between shows and just want to get it written down before you forget, you can post it here in this thread or send it to me in a PM, or on the FC forums, or Facebook, or Twitter or whatever. Even Discord if I ever remember to log in there. I can just bring it up at a show later for the interactive bit.

The rules:

1) Don't infringe anyone else's Intellectual Property. There are Fair Use exceptions for parody and such, and oblique references are fine, but a direct copy of someone else's IP isn't going to happen. Grey areas are not worth the trouble of getting lawyers involved.

2) Items should be social in nature rather than providing a gameplay advantage. Minor conveniences and average gear, on par with the items we've had in previous years, are fine because that still comes out to a cosmetic difference from what's normally available.

3) Keep it within the game's rating and rules. Clothing can be pretty skimpy, like the various bikinis we already have, but remember, only monsters go to "clothing optional" beaches. Ingesting drugs or alcohol, including tobacco, is similarly prohibited. I don't recall anyone suggesting anything patently offensive in the past, but if even suggesting it would be against he EULA, it's probably not very Christmassy anyway. Then again... Krampus. So, you know. "Christmassy" is relative. We can leave the grey areas in on that one and let FC make the call.

4) New ideas are preferred. If you want to go back to last year's thread and copy one or two favorites, because they're still your favorite ideas, go ahead. I'll probably be doing that myself toward the end. Don't just paste the whole thread here, though. Similarly, please look over this thread before you add to it, to make sure someone else hasn't already said the same thing. (Just write your idea down first so you don't get distracted by all the shinies and forget yours.) If there's already something similar, adding some details and/or options to it is always good.

5) Contributing ideas to this list is understood to be freely, anonymously, contributing unsolicited ideas for FunCom to use or not, in whole or in part, as they see fit. Even if they end up using your original creation verbatim, by submitting your idea here, you're suggesting they do so and giving them the requisite rights to use your idea. It's kind of the whole point here. If you would prefer to sign your name to your idea and send it in yourself, you can just go to FunCom's forums or feedback form and do that.

Here are the lists from previous years, in case you want to copy some old favorites or browse for some inspiration for new ideas:

Christmas 2018
Christmas 2017
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Christmas 2014
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2012 (thread is M.I.A.?)
Christmas 2011
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The timeline:

Aug. 30 - Sep. 22 - (three weeks and an extra weekend) I'll be collecting Christmas ideas at all the GSP shows I can get to and posting them in this thread. I'll collect any ideas sent to me on forums, FaceBook, Twitter, or replies to this thread to also discuss at the shows.

Sep. 23 - Sep. 29 - (one week) GSP DJs, Staff, and Dancers vote on their favorite ideas, just to choose the order I'll list them in and decide which I'll spend a little more time detailing.

Sep. 30 - Oct. 6 - (one week) I'll write up the top 20 ideas in a big, detailed suggestion list with links to reference art, attach the remainder as additional brainstorming, and mail it to FunCom with a link back to this thread, in case they want to see any additional discussion we have about it here.

Oct. 7 - Oct. 15 - Halloween event will probably start the first or second week of October in SWL, then a week or so later in AO. Probably. So I should hopefully have this Christmas list all posted and submitted before the spooky festivities start.

mid-October through mid-December - FC normally starts planning the event roughly two months ahead to have time to plan, design, create, implement, test, and debug the new items and events. While we're enjoying Halloween is likely when they'll start working on Christmas.

Dec 11-18 - the AO Christmas event starts "usually" the Tuesday before Christmas, but Christmas is a Wednesday this year. SWL will surely add something new that needs patching, but they've been starting even earlier to have time for all those daily login rewards. So probably some time around the second or third week.
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Re: Christmas 2019 Brainstorming

Postby Jezebelle » Sat Aug 31, 2019 12:11 am

1) Virgin killer minidress, knit grey with silver threads

2) Green Spanx with red handprints

3) iridescent rainbow taffeta and opal bead steel boned corsets
- ... 866699441/

4) starbrite mint bikini and stockings
- like this or this

5) frozen excavation site loot table
remove from the loot table:
- bearded box with bow (it's in Borealis)
- duplicate placards (just the one Snowflake Placard is enough)
- a snowflake shirt (keep either red or white)
- microphone
replace with missing items:
- Candy Cane prop weapon
- Santa Leet Doll
- Snowman
- Snowball Fighting Manual v2.1
- Old Fashioned Apple Cider
- Snow Shovel
- Igloo
- Present Placard
- Fruit Cake
- Bouquet of Winter

6) Pet snowman that moves like BB-8 by using the rolling animation from a rollerrat on the bottom snowball, but the two snowballs on top just lean forward
- creepy and cute variations

7) wassail

8) Rupert the Red-Nosed Swiftwind and/or Randolph the Bright-Horned Silvertail

9) a variation of the hula outfit, but with silver tinsel instead of a green lei, and a little microskirt made of holly, tied on with a mistletoe vine

10) a fairy godmother wand, the kind with a big star on the end, that you can equip to wave around and click to cast random sparkles

11) trox thong with a gingerbread man on the cabbage
- Maybe a couple different versions, featuring the various gingerbread cookies?
- Boxers with a repeating pattern of gingerbread men, hearts, and women?
- Thongs with any one of them - click to change - or gingerbread yuttos for the jokers

12) red satin babydoll and thigh-high stockings, white panties, green hollybough belt and sparse details.

13) marching baton, possibly spinning in your hand when clicked, red and white spiral like the candy cane, but straight and narrow, and a gold and purple marching band uniform to go with it

14) eggnog that gives a red and/or green sparkle effect

15) green version of Santa Hat

16) spray can of scent deletion nanos, or canned Christmas hearth smell, the smell of chestnuts roasting on a pine fire in a stove made of peppermint sticks

17) Icy mint gum so cooling it causes a brief snowstorm around you like a snow blower

18) a variation of the sleigh nano pulled by a team of antleets wearing jetpacks
- SWL version: mini-sleigh pulled by running antleets

19) mistletoe bikini bottom

20) Something like Adrienne's heart halves quest that involves cooperation with other players. Like cooperative snowman construction.

21) a shoort [sic] red and white skirt with a bikini top

22) bring back the social snowball nano (Snowball Throwing Manual v2.1)

23) friendly nano that causes a local snowfall like the snow blower toys, but longer lasting

24) New Backpack-- skinned as Ornament, snowflake, holly leaf, snowman’s head, Xmas tree, Star

25) New vehicle-- Giant Candy Cane? The long skinny hover-bike might be re-workable as one
- the long straight part of the candy cane points forward and the hook comes up behind you for a backrest

26) Oversized sunglasses with holiday bling

27) Alien Leet Elf pet
- You know how the dog xenomorph in Alien3 came out a quadrupedal dog-like alien? Imagine a leet-hybrid alien like that, like one of those cricket-type aliens with a spiny tail and no front paws. Then he takes the hat and booties from the elfleet he spawned from to camouflage himself and infiltrate Santa Leet's workshop to sabotage the ongoing efforts to evict Grin'Cha's forces.
- Or just a leet-sized cricket alien with a hat if that's too much.

28) Snowball Grenade launcher
- like an OT-12 with a candy cane skin that fires the social snowballs on clicking, like Adrienne's bow does

29) full sized alien elf costume
- a more Christmassy version of the old Veteran alien costume

30) Scrooge as a boss in mission
- Apparently that's legal. "A Christmas Carol" is so old it's public domain. So there could be a mission with ghosts of past, present, and future, and even NPCs named Marley and Tiny Tim and a boss named Scrooge, and it would be fine. But I still like the idea of adapting it to AO by way of verbal history, passing down the story from one generation of leets to the next. And it doesn't take many leety retellings to totally confuzzle a story.
- The reward could include a Christmas Ghost version of the Halloween Horror Ghost costume that makes you translucent, and a Christmassy version of the shoulder ghost lamp.

31) Morninglight St Nicholas outfit
- the same outfit the ghost wears at the end of The Christmas Conspiracy, but opaque and in the Morninglight white & gold colour scheme, instead of translucent red and white, and maybe with a matching mitre

32) make stacks of Krampus rockets into a big Krampus “treat”? Like a boom and a large stinky cloud

33) lump of coal outfits

34) pet lump of coal (shem)

35) A minigame where you deliver construction paper to random children in the Tokyo slums.
- You choose either to give a red piece or blue piece to protect them from the appropriate Namahage.
- Getting a certain amount correct nets you the Morninglight Santa outfit.
- And if you’re a Dragon, rather than construction paper, it’s toilet paper (no kidding, the Korean ‘namahage’ sits in bathroom stalls to scare children).

36) yule log and fruitcake weapon skins

37) make the cookie frosting wearable

38) translucent pastel colored pet hecklers - rock candy

39) apartments that can hold more than a backpack
- maybe 100 items per apartment

40) a proper blouse and some nice slacks

41) wrapped gift backpack

42) chocolate toffee

43) chocolate yalms

44) reindeer, wild and/or pet

45) UPH in Santa suit dancing doll

46) chocolate support beam
- maybe tear open the gift-wrapped one and take a bite

47) giant box that a character can burst out of, for screen-cap photos

48) SWL needs some Australian Christmas
- Christmas bikinis like AO
- Plastic stumps (three upright posts), plastic cricket bat (hammer skin) and a tennis ball

49) photo-op cutout Christmas scenes with holes so you can stand behind them and take a selfie

50) glowing red nose

51) a pet snowman who wakes up and throws snowballs at the Orochi drone pets to make them stop zapping the poor kitties

52) tiny pets
- a little mousie in a nightgown and cap, stirring a cup of tea
- a mouse-size antleet (in the Scrooge mission, with a stapler)

53) hockey stick hammer skin

54) flannel pajamas
- green and red plaid
- red and white check
- blue too, but please not faction-exclusive

55) snowball gizmo that looks like the snowball social emote, but inflicts a knockdown, confuse, or stun like a normal gizmo

56) candy cane hammer skin

57) weapon skins that look like toys
- pistols full of blinking lights and sparklers
- a frizbee for a chaos focus
- garishly colored rounded swords
- Carethulhu's pop-up book of greater demons
- super soaker shotgun

58) A dead pine tree strung with blinking UV LEDs and burgundy tinsel the color of dried blood

59) hot chocolate that buffs cold AC and chocolate craving resistance
- maybe +2 Stamina even, like an extruder bar

60) Grin'Cha doll
– it's not actually a plushie, it's what really happens to Grin'Cha when he just disappears without dropping the loot

61) a VR gaming rig with a simulation speed setting so you can get in a full week of gaming every night

62) a hippopotamus

63) a pet wooden cuckoo bird that escaped from a very large and slightly magical clock

64) a Bing Crosby mask and suit

65) white leet with red spots in a dalmation pattern

66) red and white color swap of the Oscura outfit, with some green details, like a holly brooch or a thin vine of mistletoe for a belt

67) QL0 MA special attack "Smack to the Smackitty Smack"
- inflicts embarrassment damage you can feel even if you're afk on a food run

68) QL 0.03 MA attack nano "Fists of Epicine", 1 damage for 1 nano, casting time -300, no cooldown, damage based on Heavy Weapons skill (and Martial Arts). Break that nano button off on some punk.

69) Slow Djinn Fizz - a carbonated drink made by intellectually challenged elemental spirits, so viscous that the bubbles take a full minute to rise to the top and pop

70) a tangled bunch of old school Christmas lights, like the fist-sized frosted bulbs and tear-shaped ornaments and boiling bubble lights, all too tangled to get on a tree, so they're held up in a big roughly tree-shaped tangle by a hovering drone, like the balloons inverted

71) a little black skullcap hat with a model yalm on top – a Yalmica

72) Christmas cards like the Valentines

73) Omni-zon gift cards that can only be redeemed from the head office on Earth, postage not included
- Minimum order for free shipping is credits equal to the number of miles between you and the planet of origin
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